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Shed of the Dead
13 hours 54 min
Added some new pics to the gallery.
16 hours 39 min
Hits VOD in April.
Dead Trigger
3 days 12 hours
Added a new trailer, hits VOD in May.
3 days 12 hours
Added a handful of new pics to the gallery.
I Trapped the Devil
3 days 13 hours
Added a few new pics.
The Furies
3 days 15 hours
Added some new pics.


The Best Horror Games In Online Casinos

If you like horror movies, you are likely to enjoy online casino games based on this theme. In fact, there are many slots games out there that are addressed to this type of audience. There are only a few slots that differentiate between serious and fun when it comes to the horror genre.

Blood Craft (2019)


Sex industry worker, Grace, is clearly an unhappy woman who travels back to her childhood home in lieu of the recent passing of her father, Minister Hall. Although the sprawling house is lovely upon appearance, the history of the Hall family is anything but pleasant.

Dis (2019)


Approximately 20 minutes into the hour long DIS, and there is no dialogue whatsoever. Beautifully scored and filmed, that is the extent of this primitive horror film brought to us by the unwavering Unearthed Films.

AYNiB Podcast: Ep 68 Amityvilles and Amityville Murders (2019)

Ryan, Mike, and Shane return for another quality episode of All You Need is Blood. This time we tackle the Amityville films including the latest entry Amityville Murders (2019). We don't get to all of them but there plenty more for another episode (ugh). We also cover som trailers including the Child's Play remake, The Golem, The Hole in the Ground, and Ma.

Check Out the Trailer for THE POSSESSION DIARIES

Uncork'd Entertainment debuts THE POSSESSION DIARIES this June from director Juan J. Frausto (Kidnapped Souls, Road Kill) and you can find the new trailer and some pics below. The film stars Johnny Ortiz (McFarland, USA), Eileen Dietz (The Exorcist, Halloween 2), and James Russo (Donnie Brasco, Django) and is described as PARANORMAL ACTIVITY meets THE EXORCIST.

First Look at the Teaser Poster for A PSYCHO'S PATH, Starring Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson

UHM's proud to debut the first "vintage" teaser poster for the upcoming horror film, A PSYCHO'S PATH. Set in the late 60's and shot and lit in the style of the late 70's/early 80's slashers (film noir),  the movie stars MMA's Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson as a psychopath that stalks the streets of a small California desert town, killing it's residents at random. This leaves Captain Peters and his small police force to search for the killer's whereabouts before more victims turn up.

Rampant (2018)


With the surprise success of 2016's Train to Busan (both domestically and internationally) it's no wonder that South Korea is trying to pump out their next big genre effort.

Brutal (2018)


With a title like Brutal, there’s not much to expect outside of intense torture, blood, screaming and well…sheer brutality. This delivers, and then some.