8 Questions With Justin Hall of JEEPERS CREEPERS 3

Fans that missed the theatrical release of JEEPERS CREEPERS 3 may have the opportunity to finally catch it when it reportedly airs on the SyFy channel October 28th. In the mean time we speak to actor Justin Hall about his role in the film and the time he spent on set. Some minor spoilers ahead, so if you missed the movie you may not want to read any further.

Were you familiar with the other two films? Were you a fan of'em?

Yes, I had seen both. I was maybe 5 when I saw the first behind my mom's back. I rewatched both before filming.

Tell us about the character you play in the movie

My character's name is Red, and I was one of a group of four dirt bikers. I felt my character was the funny one.

Yeah, I believe your character hauled ass outta there when the shit hit the fan, which I thought was hilarious. Did you actually get to ride the bike or was it all done by a double?

Yes, on day one they wanted to see what we could all do on the bikes. I whipped it around just fine but one of the other actors wasn't as experienced on dirt bikes so we had stunt doubles for it all. My double was Tyler Tiffany and he was great.

You've primarily done shorts and had smaller roles in other films, so how was it like to have a more established role in a bigger film like this?

It was amazing to have a big part in such a big movie franchise. I have been on big sets but never with a major part. This was my first time having my own trailer, it was amazing. Without giving too much away I loved seeing all the special effects in scenes I was and wasn't involved in.

It must've been pretty surreal for you to go from watching The Creeper on screen to being one of his victims--how was it seeing Jonathan Breck in full makeup for the first time?

Yes it's pretty surreal. Most
come to LA to get in movies and never imagine they get to be a part of something they have been a long time fan of. I really like working with everyone. I loved when Jonathan was in full makeup and had to drink from kiddie juice boxes. I wish I had a photo of it because it was something else to see. I'm not sure if you know the truck is the actual truck from the first Jeepers Creepers. A collector bought it and restored it and became friends with Victor later on. Victor made arrangements for him to bring the truck and use it in this one. It's pretty cool that I got to get in the actual creeper truck.

The whole production of the movie was pretty kept under wraps, with little information getting out to the public. Was it hard to keep things quiet?

I couldn't admit to anyone other than my family that I was filming this. We were told from the beginning to keep it quiet. When we were on set we took some photos and it was so hard not to share those with all my friends. I have many friends who are huge fans of this franchise so keeping it a secret and not telling stories from set was hard.

Now that you've seen the final product how'd you like the movie? Speaking as a fan and not just as someone in the movie, was it as good as you thought it'd be?

I went to see at Universal with a ton of the cast and producers and Victor. We all met up before the movie and it was great seeing everyone again. I really liked the final product and it left me excited about seeing part 4. Gina/Trish was a great ending. I didn't know what to expect because with us shooting in different locations we didn't get to see everyone else shoot. Victor told us about the plans for the truck in editing and it was really cool seeing it on the big screen. My scene when the creeper got me was green screen but all the other stuff with the biker guys was done with props so that was awesome to see. We had some talented makeup and prop guys and girls and I enjoyed seeing how it was all done.

Writer/director Victor Salva has had a troubled past and there have been a lot of talk about
protests and boycotting the film--being someone that has worked among the cast and crew, what's your opinion on all this?

I only have nice things to say about Victor and really liked him, but I'd rather not talk about the controversy. I would absolutely work for him again. I had a blast on set and me and the other dirt bikers had great chemistry together. Victor took all the biker guys to dinner on the first night so we got to know him and we all really liked him. It was pretty cool seeing him in action on the set, he is very involved in all the scenes. When we weren't shooting he was cool and fun to be around. It was a really fun set to be on, everyone was so chill.

Much thanks to Justin for the interview and Kara and Stacy for setting it all up!

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