Classic Horror Movies to Watch on Halloween

Do you want to play a game? If that question made a shiver run down your spine, we’re guessing you’re a fan of horror movies. And if that’s the case, you just might want to play these games - but don’t worry, they’re a lot more fun than Jigsaw’s. These spooky slot machine games were inspired by some of the all-time top classic horror movies, featuring gory graphics, creepy characters and spine-tingling sound effects. Have a go - if you think you’re brave enough.


The start of the slasher genre, Psycho is perhaps Alfred Hitchcock’s most acclaimed horror film - and it’s also (spoiler alert) the second mummy-focused film to feature on this list. The story unravels the mystery of the gruesome murders taking place at the Bates Motel, ostensibly operated by the now notorious Norman Bates and his overly possessive mother. The film launched Anthony Perkins to fame as one of Hollywood’s favourite horror movie villains.

The Psycho slot game from NextGen looks to reignite your fear of showering behind a curtain, surrounded by scenery almost as creepy as the movie and with a haunting soundtrack to match. You can bet between 25p and £50 and poor Marion’s misfortune is your good luck, because a stabbing hand appears to add wilds at random moments which can seriously boost your jackpot.


Simultaneously moving, macabre, and the source of many a great Halloween costume, it’s no surprise that Frankenstein has stood the test of time. The tale follows mad scientist Henry Frankenstein who is on an ill-advised quest to create human consciousness - also known as the man who made a monster.

Mary Shelley’s masterpiece has inspired many writers over the years - but it turns out she’s also been inspiring game designers like the ones behind this scary Frankenstein slot. NetEnt’s slot game was praised by horror fans for its true-to-genre gothic graphics and by slot game fans for its favourable payout odds. You can take on up to 20 pay lines, the real gamble is that you risk having someone obnoxiously tell you that Frankenstein is actually the name of the doctor.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

If you have an unexplained aversion to falling asleep, the name Freddy or fedora hats, you’ve probably got Wes Craven’s slasher film to blame. A Nightmare on Elm Street remains one of the world’s most famous horrors, and the antagonist Freddy Krueger one of its most infamous villains. The movie follows a group of teenagers that are being terrorized in their sleep - and showing signs of scarring even after they wake up.
Random Logic have capitalized on creepy with their slasher-style slot game with a spooky soundtrack and an ominous serial-killer silhouette. Bet between 5p and £10 on 30 pay lines, featuring numbers scratched in by Freddy’s signature bladed glove. We can’t guarantee it won’t leave to so scared that you never sleep again - but at least you’ll have something entertaining to play while you’re lying awake.

The Mummy

Between the original, the remake, the sequel and the remake of the remake, you’d be hard pressed to find a human being who hasn’t heard of the legendary horror film, The Mummy. But for anyone who’s been living under a rock (or perhaps deep in an Ancient Egyptian tomb), the story centres around an adventurer and an archaeologist who accidentally resurrect - and then must try and defeat - a high priest from the 13th Century who was sentenced to a gruesome death.

If that sounds like your idea of a good time, you can recreate the experience at home with Playtech’s The Mummy slot game. Featuring scorpions, scarabs and, of course, mummies, the game is popular for its great graphics and premium sound effects. You can bet between 25p and £125 per spin and unlock six bonus features along the way - and there’s almost no chance of being cursed with a plague. Everybody wins.

The Invisible Man

If you ever thought it would be fun to be invisible, or are currently undertaking any chemistry experiments in that vein, this is a film you might want to check out first. Inspired by the novel of the same name by sci-fi master H. G. Wells, The Invisible Man tells the tale of the mysterious Doctor Jack Griffin and an experiment gone awry. The filmmakers performed their own experiments in special effects - an arena little explored at the time of the film’s release in the 1930s - and were praised for their innovation.

NetEnt’s own take on The Invisible Man in the form of a slot game has also been praised for its innovation, particularly in its graphic design - an impressive feat when you consider that the subject matter at hand is invisibility. Play 20 pay lines featuring the film’s famous characters in an attempt to win big and to unlock the game’s two bonus features.