The Continued Success of the Alien Film Franchise

When the first Alien movie was released back in 1979, very few could have predicted the impact that the franchise would have on both the world of film and society in general. In an era where space exploration and the search for new life was still a relatively new and exciting concept, the films were arguably released at the perfect time to capitalize on the growing curiosity with regards to what lies beyond our planet. The films follow the journey of a space crew who inadvertently discover deadly new life and face a fight for a survival against an enemy which turns out to be much more capable and advanced than the human race.

The original film's tagline, 'In space, no one can hear you scream', was fairly apt, given that the revolutionary effects used in the films were both equally terrifying and impressive in equal measure. The success of the original film led to three sequels, Aliens (1986), Alien 3 (1992) and Alien Resurrection (1997), as well as two spin-off films in the shape of Prometheus and the most recent release, Alien: Covenant, which hit cinemas back in May of this year. If that wasn't enough, there also exists a spin-off franchise which pits Alien's title character against Predator, the eponymous monster of the film franchise featuring action favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Whilst the debate about which movie ranks as the best is an ongoing and often heated one amongst film buffs, the impact that the franchise has had on popular culture is one that can still be felt even to this day. There are various websites which offer a variety of readily available Alien merchandise for those who want to publicly showcase their love for the crew of the Nostromo starship. For the gamers out there, the franchise has spawned a number of video games (18 to be precise), most of which have received fairly positive reviews. There's also an online game over at Mr Green Alien slots, which requires players to fight off hoards of nasties in search of the Hive to defeat the Alien Queen.

It's almost impossible to overestimate the impact that Alien has had on the film industry and more specifically the sci-fi horror genre as a whole. For one, the franchise introduced the now en-vouge concept of a tough female lead character in the shape of Sigourney Weaver playing the tough officer Ripley - a role which would have been traditionally assigned to men. In addition to this, the special effects that the films demonstrated were largely ahead of their time and one can only imagine the thrill that the moviegoing audience would have if they were able to watch the entire franchise over again whilst wearing 3D glasses. Even more impressive than this is the fact that the film has undoubtedly stood the test of time.

Despite the original film getting on for being 40 years old, Ridley Scott’s Alien is still one of the most captivating and well-executed movies in the space horror genre. With a near-perfect ensemble cast, flawless story and remarkable attention to detail, Alien and its subsequent sequels still represent one of the best examples of the perfect blend of all the ingredients needed to create a timeless movie classic. One thing is for certain, if you find yourself stuck for something to do this weekend, you could do much worse than sit down and watch the whole franchise from start to finish.