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Could you divulge some plot details or what we can expect from the sequel? I read it was going to be set in India?

I can only reveal a certain amount but to give you an idea: it's another journey movie, but it will take place in what we believe to be the most beautiful country in the world--India. We will have some scenes that we intended to do in part 1 (directly from the script of part 1), but could not pull off due to the difficult production situation, but we fully intend to do them in part 2, and some...

The Dead 2 will have more action and more scares and we believe a motivation that pulls even more from the heart. We are taking this very seriously. We have heard that even World War Z is going to be amusing. We are not--we are going to be fucking serious. If people want comedy they go somewhere else, The Dead 2 will do what true original fans of living dead movies want and what Jon and I believe no one else is doing... Well hey, we're going to try our damnedest anyway!'

Right now we want to know if the fans are behind us doing this, [because] we want to give them what they want; we just hope that what they want is what Jon and I want, and have wanted since the late 70's!!!!!

- Howard J. Ford