Most Evil Relics On Film

You might have heard of evil characters in movies, but what about evil relics? There have been many over the years which have played a prominent role in the storyline of films; all in different guises, and they’ve often been responsible for people turning bad, or for a series of tragic events to take place. With so many having appeared in movies, we’ve devised a list of some of the most evil relics found on film.

The Necronomicon

The Necronomicon is a book that appears in The Evil Dead franchise and is also the inspiration behind the film Book of Dead as well as a successful Play’nGo game. Bound in human flesh and inked in blood, the Necronomicon can educate the reader on how they can summon and send back deadites, basically dead people. It’s one of the evilest relics to appear on film as it can fall into the hands of anyone, who can then use it to cause real chaos.

The Videotape

The Videotape from Rings is literally a death sentence for anyone who watches it, unless they can pass the curse along so to speak. Samara Morgan, murdered by her adoptive mother, created the video which affects the viewer psychologically. They have seven days to watch the video, copy it and then show it to someone else, otherwise, Samara Morgan will appear and scare the viewer to death.


We couldn’t write a list and not include a demonic doll. Annabelle appears in the movie The Conjuring and possesses a grin that will send shivers down the spine. Annabelle is believed to be possessed by the spirit of a girl with the same name, who tragically died at the age of seven in a field. There have been many demonic dolls over the years, but Annabelle is by far the most famous, and even earned a spin-off of her own.

The Pazuzu Amulet

The Pazuzu Amulet first appears in The Exorcist prologue where it is suggested bad things are about to happen. The amulet itself is discovered on an archaeological dig in Iraq by a man known as Father Merrin, with Merrin the man who exorcises a 12-year-old boy known as Regan MacNeil who has been possessed by Pazuzu. Pazuzu’s awakening and possession of Regan was indicated by the many other items which appear alongside the amulet, which are said to be able to summon Pazuzu to the real world.

The One Ring

The One Ring is one of the most well-known evil relics thanks to its appearance in the Lord of the Rings franchise. When the ring is slipped on to a person’s finger, it sees a relationship begin with the wearer and the Dark Lord Sauron. While things may appear all rosy at first, they soon take a more sinister twist, with Sauron wanting full control over the one wearing the ring. Former wearers get incredibly jealous too, leading to dangerous situations occurring, as they try and claim the ring back for themselves.