The Evolution of the Horror Theme in the World of iGaming

In today’s entertainment world, the horror genre is no longer a theme that’s confined to the big screens of the cinema. Years ago, horror fans would flock to the cinema to watch double-bill horror movies to get their adrenaline fix, but today, the audio and visual elements of a great horror movie have spilled over into video gaming; creating cinematic horror-themed storylines that can be enjoyed on the go on mobile devices and in the comfort of our armchairs.

Today, many gamers are time-poor and don’t have the hours or the inclination to dedicate to a strategy-based game. Instead, gamers are turning to pick-up-and-play genres such as horror which can quickly transport players into jumpy and jerky gaming environments. As with most horror movies, horror-themed games are based largely on survival instincts as opposed to any strategy, making them very appealing to gamers of all skillsets.

iGaming developers have recognized the increasing popularity of the horror genre and have found new and engaging ways of incorporating horror themes into 2017’s leading 3D slot games and there are many on the horizon for online casinos in 2018 too. By designing video slots around the horror theme, fans of the horror genre are naturally gravitating towards these titles and become interested in the visual and audio elements that create tension whilst chasing for the big payouts.

Horror movies and franchises are being increasingly used as inspiration for online slots. The name Freddy Krueger is synonymous with some of the very best horror movies of our time. He has now found his way onto the screens of slot machine players around the world, with symbols that feature Freddy’s gruesome face, as well as haunting characters from his 1984 classic, A Nightmare on Elm Street, such as Nancy Holbrook and Quentin Smith. The blood-stained imagery and backdrops create a gory atmosphere that resonates brilliantly with horror fanatics.

The horror genre has also captured the imagination of one of the pioneering developers of the iGaming sector, NetEnt. These guys are synonymous with thrilling 3D slots, powered by a cutting-edge gaming platform, which is now being utilized in the US iGaming market as well as the major European iGaming sites. They now have around 200 iGaming titles available to play, many of which are based around horror themes such as zombies and vampires. For example, Blood Suckers is a 3D slot set in the mythical world of vampires, which features a bonus game round which allows players to earn bonus cash based on the number of vampires they slay. The creepy sounds and the bleak castle backdrop all add to create the perfect horror-filled gaming atmosphere.

The macabre elements that combine to make such an effective horror movie are transcending brilliantly into the iGaming industry. Only horror-themed games are capable of whipping-up gamers into such a frenzy and when you combine this with the feelings evoked when playing for real money it’s a heady combination that’s strangely addictive. With stunning horror animations, user-friendly interfaces and ghastly high-definition audio, you’re guaranteed spine-tingling fun whether you win money or not. Just don’t play the games with the lights off...!