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I'll Take Your Dead
5 days 12 hours
Added a new trailer.
Nightmare Cinema
6 days 13 hours
Added the trailer for the movie.
6 days 14 hours
Added the first clip from the movie.
1 week 14 hours
Added a handful of new pics.
Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile
1 week 16 hours
Added the poster.
The New Mutants
1 week 17 hours
Recent rumors indicate that it may be dumped on Disney streaming.


Most Evil Relics On Film

You might have heard of evil characters in movies, but what about evil relics? There have been many over the years which have played a prominent role in the storyline of films; all in different guises, and they’ve often been responsible for people turning bad, or for a series of tragic events to take place.

The Blair Witch Project – Does It Stand The Test Of Time?

Movie buffs and especially those into their scary flicks will have likely come across The Blair Witch Project at some point in their lifetime, and if they haven’t, they’ll almost certainly have heard of it.

First Pics From Leprechaun Returns

LEPRECHAUN RETURNS this December 11th when the film hits VOD, but don't expect to see original Leprechaun actor Warwick Davis reprise his role, as he's been replaced by Linden Porco (Channel Zero). If you're curious how the new actor looks in the Lep getup you can check some new imagery below as well as a teaser trailer that was released some months back.

Trauma (2017)


Trauma is nasty. It’s a brutal, horrifying journey into ultimate atrocity related to a corrupt Chilean militia following the end of president Allende’s government.

Halloween (2018)


It's amazing that after so many years we finally get a Halloween movie that not only makes a killing at the box office (pun intended), but also receives much warranted praise from fans and critics alike, which is pretty rare for a horror film.

New Augmented Reality Horror Game From PARANORMAL ACTIVITY Creator Oren Peli

Just in time for Halloween is the new augmented reality horror game titled NIGHT TERRORS: BLOODY MARY from PARANORMAL ACTIVTY creator Oren Peli. The game has been out on iOS for a week now, but it finally hits android devices today. Peli had this to say about the game:

Tales From the Crib is now American Nightmares and it's available now!

It was early 2017 when word broke that the guys behind TALES FROM THE HOOD (Rusty Cundieff and Darin Scott) got back together to secretly work on a new anthology called TALES FROM THE CRIB. It was believed to be some sort of spinoff or quasi-sequel of sorts to Hood, but not much else about the movie was revealed. This was exciting news for fans like myself that have been waiting on a potential sequel to the first movie for years.

Tales From the Hood 2 (2018)


The first Tales From the Hood hit theaters towards the end of May 1995, but didn't really make much of a dent at the box office at the time. Of course it was going up against some heavy hitters like Braveheart and Casper (which was #1 that weekend).