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It: Chapter Two
4 hours 42 min
Added more pics from the set.
Child's Play
6 hours 7 min
Added some names to the cast, production has already begun.
The Dark
1 day 3 hours
Added the new poster and trailer.
Tales From the Hood 2
2 days 8 hours
Added a 10-minute clip from the film.
2 days 10 hours
Just added the film's trailer.
Open 24 Hours
3 days 4 hours
Added the new trailer and poster.


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Slice (2018)


First time filmmaker Austin Vesely writes and directs this new horror comedy that mixes a bunch of different subgenres together in a misguided attempt at creating something fresh for the genre.

The Toybox (2018)


“A haunted RV” is the extent of the synopsis provided for The Toybox, starring Denise Richards and Mischa Barton. In other words – a horror film about a possessed RV with Richards AND Barton would automatically impact my upchuck reflex immediately. Talk about the horror!

Trench 11 (2017)


Set during the final days of WWI (and not to be confused with Overlord, which is set during WWII and comes out later this year), Trench 11 follows a small group of soldiers on a secret reconnaissance mission involving a deep underground Nazi bunker.

E-Demon (2018)


Sometimes the most simplistic plot is the best plot. Thus is the case for E-Demon, a found footage online film that sucks you in immediately.

Monsters and Zombies attack period Korea in MONSTRUM and RAMPANT

There are a couple new genre flicks coming out of South Korea soon that fans may want to keep an eye on, especially after the success and popularity from the last high profile zombie flick to come outta the country: TRAIN TO BUSAN (which recently announced a sequel is in the works). Coincidentally both movies take place in period Korea, which is a nice change since films normally set in the Korean past tend to mainly focus on drama or action, but I digress.