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Important changes here on UHM

2 years 5 weeks ago

In an effort to speed load times, prevent issues with the server, and reduce the spammer population, I've decided to make a few changes with user accounts and the commenting system. ACCOUNTS: User's friends lists and the private messaging feature are no longer available. You can still view your friends list if you added friends, but you'll no longer be able to add new friends. Also anything you...


Silent Hill: Revelation 3D (2012)


2 years 6 weeks ago

Being a fan of the games, but knowing how bad game-to-film adaptations can be, it came as a surprise to me when the first Silent Hill actually turned out to be a good movie. Director Christophe Gans really captured the look and feel of the games and for once a game adaptation seemed to stay true to its source material. A sequel had been in development for some time, but the studio couldn't lock...


The Awakening (2011)


2 years 7 weeks ago

Nick Murphy makes his feature film directorial debut with The Awakening--a supernatural period thriller that seemed like a pretty solid piece of ghost cinema until it sadly veered towards common territory towards the end. The story is set during WWI and follows a female ghost-debunker who travels from one place to the other proving false supernatural claims. Her recent gig takes her to a...


The Pact (2012)


2 years 8 weeks ago

Modern indie films are generally hit or miss, but we occasionally get a gem in the bunch, which is what I would consider The Pact-- a film that's based on the short with the same name from writer/director Nicholas McCarthy. The movie is proof that with the right talent, indie films can still overshadow bigger-budgeted mainstream horror pics. The story focuses on a young woman who returns to...


Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines (2012)


2 years 8 weeks ago

Another year, another shitty unnecessary Wrong Turn sequel--that's pretty much how I feel about the franchise at this point. The first two films were enjoyable, while the three that followed were pretty much a waste of time. Though, I'll admit that the previous flick had its moments. Despite the fact that Declan O'Brien wrote and directed the worst of the films, the studio keeps bringing him...


Sinister (2012)


2 years 9 weeks ago

Scott Derrickson proved to be a fairly competent horror director with The Exorcism of Emily Rose back in 2005 and luckily doesn't disappoint with his return to the genre in the form of Sinister--the latest moderately-budgeted supernatural endeavor that proved to bring in some decent coin at the box office. A lot of hype had built up for the film prior to its release, so I went in with above...


P.O.V. - A Cursed Film (2012)


2 years 10 weeks ago

With found footage films dominating the US, other foreign countries have been following suit with their renditions, but Japan is one country that hasn't really produced much for the particular sub-genre. Aside from Noroi: The Curse I haven't witnessed much else in terms of FF to come out've the country. Director Norio Tsuruta (Ring 0: Birthday, Kakashi, Premonition) remedies that by delivering...


Dead Before Dawn 3D (2012)


2 years 10 weeks ago

Dead Before Dawn is a film I thought I'd enjoy to some extent since the trailer made it seem so fun. Instead, not only did I not like it, but half way in I realized that it was also the perfect example of where a movie's trailer is actually MUCH better than the movie itself. There are MANY reasons why this flick failed, but first lets go over its story. We follow a neurotic young college...


Grave Encounters 2 (2012)


2 years 11 weeks ago

With the surprise success of the first movie, it didn't take long for an inevitable sequel to surface. I personally wasn't a huge fan of the former, but it had its positive aspects. Overall, I felt it was a decent effort that could've been better had it stayed true to its realistic approach in the first half. As for this sequel, it was another decent watch with many pros and cons, like its...


The Tunnel (2011)


2 years 13 weeks ago

First off I'd like to note that this flick was actually legally released online through BitTorrent back in 2011 by the producers. It was a pretty ballsy move, but it helped spread word of the film through various p2p platforms. The fact that it actually turned out to be a decent flick is even more surprising to me considering it was available for free, but I digress. I normally avoid...