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5 years 8 weeks ago

Universal Home Entertainment has just released official Blu-ray art for the upcoming Blu-ray debut of the 1981 horror/comedy, “An American Werewolf in London”. A DVD re-release is also planned to hit DVD shelves the same day! Special features for both releases include the following: Walked With A Werewolf Beware The Moon Making An American Werewolf in London, An...



5 years 8 weeks ago

Here’s the official cover art for the Blu-ray debut of the 2004 action/horror fim, “Van Helsing”, which can be found on the right. Special features for this debut will include the following: Van Helsing: The Story, The Life, The Legend Track the Adventure Bringing the Monsters to Life You Are In The Movie! The Music of Van Helsing Bloopers Dracula'...


Cover Art & DVD Details for PHANTASM II

5 years 8 weeks ago

Cover art and special features have been released for the upcoming DVD debut of this 1988 horror franchise film, which can be viewed on the right. The release hits store shelves on September 15th from Universal Home Entertainment and will only include the film theatrical trailer as a special feature. Premise: The "Tall Man" and his strange little Killer Sphere return for a second...


New Release Date for ARMY OF DARKNESS: Screwhead Edition DVD/Blu-ray

5 years 8 weeks ago

  Originally scheduled to be released this past May, this 1992 Sam Raimi horror/comedy is now slated to hit store shelves on September 15th from Universal Home Entertainment. Special features will include the following: “Creating the Deadites” featurette Alternate ending Theatrical trailer U-Control features: "Production Photos" (Blu-ray only)...

Trailer for MANEATER starring Dean Cain

5 years 9 weeks ago

Maneater is the latest film revolving around the legend of the Wendigo, this time focusing on an ex-FBI profiler (Dean Cain), who believes the recent string of murders in his small town may be linked to the legend. The trailer can be seen below.


Some new pics for THE THAW

5 years 9 weeks ago

Val Kilmer stars in The Thaw, a film that has been completed for a while now and will eventually get a release via Ghost House Underground, but until then you can find some new pics below. I've also included an expandable trailer in case you might've missed it when it was first posted back in January '09. A deadly prehistoric parasite is released when a Woolly Mammoth is discovered in a melting...


Writers back for SAW VII

5 years 9 weeks ago

Variety reports that the writing duo behind the Feast trilogy and Saw IV through the upcoming sixth film are already working on the seventh and hopefully last installment in the long-running franchise. Tobin Bell was rumored to have been signed up for up to 7 films a couple years back, so news that another sequel should come as no big surprise, but now it's official. Saw VI hits theaters on...

Pics for Uwe Boll's latest effort THE STORM

5 years 9 weeks ago

No matter how hard we try, Uwe Boll isn't going anywhere, and that's clear with his numerous upcoming genre projects. One of which is The Storm (AKA Final Storm) that stars Lauren Holly, Luke Perry, Steve Bacic, and Cole Heppell. Click any of the thumbs below to be taken the gallery for more. A stranger named Silas (Luke Perry) emerges from a...


Opening animated sequence and pics for CABIN FEVER 2

5 years 9 weeks ago

Production and FX company Tonic Films posted some new pics and a cool animated opening sequence that features how the bacteria found its way from the lake in the first Cabin Fever and into the grounds of a local High School. You can view the opening here, while a collection of new and old pics can be found by clicking any one of the thumbs below. Though not confirmed, Cabin Fever 2: ...


Aussie actor lands role in Twilight's ECLIPSE

5 years 9 weeks ago

Young Aussie actor Xavier Samuel has landed the role of a "newborn vampire" named Riley in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. The character is described as a "good-looking college student who joins the plot of villain Victoria to murder protagonist Bella (Kristen Stewart). Riley is corrupted by Victoria, for whom he has an inexplicable weakness. " As Seattle is ravaged by a string...


Check out some clips for THIRST

5 years 9 weeks ago

A couple English-subtitled clips for the upcoming film Thirst have sprouted up online recently. You can check'em out by expanding the links below. The South Korean flick from Vengeance trilogy director Chan-wook Park hits limited theaters on July 31st. For a list of theaters that will be playing the flick, click here. Follows a beloved and devoted priest from a small town volunteers for a...


Things to know about the new UHM!

5 years 11 weeks ago

I'm going to address the changes and new features on the site as well as offering insight on what to expect and what else needs to be done. Keep in mind that I still need to add a majority of the Reviews and Movies into the new database, so if you want to access the old portions of the site, you may use the search engine above.   Why? First and foremost I'm sure you're wondering...