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DVD Release in the DARK COUNTRY

5 years 16 weeks ago

This new horror/thriller film directed by and starring Thomas Jane makes it way to DVD shelves on October 6th from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.  Cover art can be found on the right and enlarged for detailed viewing!  Special features include the following: Audio commentary with Director/Actor Thomas Jane, Writer and Producer "Journey To Dark Country" - making of...


NIGHT OF THE CREEPS Cover Art Revealed!

5 years 16 weeks ago

An ad featuring the DVD/Blu-ray covers has been released.  It appears as though the film distributor has decided the use different covers for both the DVD and Blu-ray.  It can be found on the right and enlarged for detailed viewing! Sony Pictures Home Entertainment plans to release the upcoming DVD/Blu-ray debut of this cult 1986 horror flick on October 27th.  Special features...


It's official! Michael Myers rides horses...

5 years 16 weeks ago

At least according to the below MTV clip from the film, depicting Michael laying waste to a couple guys then walking towards his Ghost mom and her white horse... yup. At least now we know how he gets around so quickly right? You can catch the flick when it hits theaters this Friday, August 28th.


5 years 16 weeks ago

DVD art has been released!  It can be found on the right and enlarged for detailed viewing!  The DVD/Blu-ray release is set to hit store shelves on October 20th from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment with the following special features: The Making of Blood: The Last Vampire Battling Demons: Behind the Stunts Storyboard Gallery (Blu-ray) Stay tuned for further special...


Halloween 2010 Blu-ray Date for THE EXORCIST!

5 years 16 weeks ago

Thomas K. Arnold of Home Media Magazine received word that Warner Home Video has plans to debut the Blu-ray of this classic 1973 horror film around Halloween 2010.  Luckily, Mr. Arnold was also informed what fans can expect to see on this Blu-ray.  The film distributor plans to include the restored theatrical cut and the extended (a.k.a  "The Version You've Never Seen")...

TRUE BLOOD vamp joins PRIEST cast

5 years 16 weeks ago

The interesting cast for Priest has been growing on a weekly basis and today Variety reports a couple new names added to the lineup: True Blood's Stephen Moyer and 90210's Lily Collins. They will join Paul Bettany, Cam Gigandet, Maggie Q, and Karl Urban. Check below for a rundown on the characters they play. Though known as a vampire in HBO's hit series...


New director for BIOSHOCK adaptation!

5 years 16 weeks ago

28 Weeks Later director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo is in talks to go behind the cameras for the Bioshock adaptation for Universal Pictures. Pirates of the Carribean director Gore Verbinski was originally set to direct, but had to bail out when the estimated budget rose upwards to $160-million, forcing Universal to halt development. Gore will remain on the project as producer via his Blind Wink...

Horror DVD/Blu-ray Releases: August 25th & 28th

5 years 17 weeks ago

The following Horror/Horror-related titles hit DVD/Blu-ray shelves this Tuesday and Friday: Abduction (R2 Films) Special features include the following: Behind the Scenes Featurette Cast Auditions Music Video The Girls of Abduction Trailers Photo Montage Premise:The town of Process is located somewhere in rural New Jersey. It's been in existence for over 100...

DVD Debut for French Film, NIGHT OF DEATH!

5 years 17 weeks ago

This 1980 French horror film makes its first DVD appearance on October 27th from Synapse Films.  Unfortunately, there will be no special features to go along with this release.  Cover art can be viewed on the right and enlarged for detailed viewing! Premise: There's something strange going on at Deadlock House, a secluded French retirement home. The residents seem like nice people, but...


DVD Details for THE HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW Re-release!

5 years 17 weeks ago

This 1983 slasher film, who's remake hits theatres in September, will receive the 25th Anniversary treatment on November 24th from Liberation Entertainment.  Cover art is located on the right and can be enlarged for detailed viewing!  Special features include the following: High Quality Transfer From A Recently Discovered Pristine 35mm Print Audio Commentary with director Mark...