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Dark Sky Films Releases DEADGIRL on DVD

5 years 20 weeks ago

This 2008 horror film, which claims to be "the film that was too unbearable to release" makes its way to DVD shelves on September 15th from Dark Sky Films.  The film will be released in both R-rated and Unrated Director's cuts.  While the R-rated cut will include include the...

The Collector (2009)


5 years 20 weeks ago

To be perfectly honest, I haven’t been following anything on The Collector up until about a month ago when  I caught the trailer online. It looked decent enough but I couldn’t shake the feeling that it would just be another Saw film with a different title. Well turns out I was...

The Collector Poster

ALBINO FARM Receives New DVD Artwork

5 years 20 weeks ago

MTI Home Video has revised the cover art for their upcoming ALBINO FARM DVD release, which is slated to hit DVD shelves on September 22nd.  The new artwork is located on the right and can be enlarged for better viewing.  As I reported before, special features for this release include the...

Ashmore & Sampson join THE SHRINE

5 years 20 weeks ago

Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer writer/director Jon Knautz is busy working on his next genre effort entitled The Shrine, which is scheduled to begin filming on August 10th in Toronto. They've just nabbed their two leads for the flick:  Aaron Ashmore, better known as Jimmy Olsen from the CW's...

Gallery updated with new SORORITY ROW pics

5 years 20 weeks ago

The release of the Sorority Row remake is now only a month away and a slew of new pics can be found in the gallery. As usual, hit the thumbs below to check out the rest of the pics. You can find the posters, trailer, and more info on the film here. When five sorority girls inadvertently cause the...

Blu-ray Debuts for FRANKENSTEIN and WOLF

5 years 20 weeks ago

Hitting Blu-ray shelves on October 13th, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment will bring the 1994 films, MARY SHELLEY'S FRANKENSTEIN and WOLF  to High Definition!  So far, the only information revealed is this release date for this films.  Please stay tuned for cover art and special...

Special Features Announced for THE CRAFT Blu-ray

5 years 20 weeks ago

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has revealed the special features to be included on the October 13th Blu-ray debut of this 1996 film.  It is said to include the following: Audio commentary with director Andrew Fleming Original behind-the-scenes of "The Craft" Deleted...

Poster and official site for PRIEST

5 years 20 weeks ago

The official site and poster for the upcoming Tokyopop live-action adaptation of Priest are now available. The film stars Paul Bettany as a warrior priest who disobeys church law by teaming with a young sheriff and a priestess to track down a band of renegade vampires who have kidnapped his niece....

Horror DVD/Blu-ray Releases: August 4th

5 years 20 weeks ago

The following Horror/Horror-related titles hit DVD/Blu-ray this coming Tuesday: The Beast (Blu-ray) (Timeless Media Group) The Blu-ray will include the uncut version of this made-for-tv film! Premise: Fishing and jobs are becoming scarce in a small seaport community when tragedy strikes a...

The Echo (2008)


5 years 20 weeks ago

  I think that this year marks the death of Asian horror remakes, they're just not popular anymore and maybe that's why The Echo still hasn't found US distribution because I can find no other explanation (except for perhaps if the sales agency is asking too much money for it and are...

The Echo poster