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UHM now officially 13 years old!!

2 years 25 weeks ago

So, today marks UHM's 13th anniversary. Yes, the site is hella old, and it's crazy to think that it's been around almost half my lifetime. I've been doing this thing for a VERY long time now. I was still in High School when I started; a time where genre sites like this were very few. I never guessed that UHM would be around for as long as it has, let-alone envisioned ever making a living...


Prometheus (2012)


2 years 25 weeks ago

Ridley Scott returns to the sci-fi genre and Alien saga after a 30-year hiatus with Prometheus, a film that started out as an official prequel to the first flick, but eventually branched out and into a spinoff of sorts (still set in the past though), which would still contain a few minor connections to the series. Having seen the movie it's pretty clear that it is still a prequel, but I guess...


Piranha 3DD (2012)


2 years 26 weeks ago

When the first Piranha 3D came out it was meant to be fun, gory, gratuitous and obscene and it worked in all aspects. This was likely thanks to director Alexandre Aja (High Tension, The Hills Have Eyes), who knows how to pile on the gore (when needed) and not go over the top to the point of being too inane and tedious, but most importantly it was all done in good fun. Then comes Piranha 3DD,...


Horror DVD/Blu-ray Releases: June 12th

2 years 27 weeks ago

The following Horror/Horror-related titles hit DVD/Blu-ray shelves this Tuesday: Countess Perverse (Mondo Macabro) Premise: A pair of decadent and debauched aristocrats turn their private island into a human hunting ground where they stalk their naked prey. The captured meat is then cooked and fed to their unsuspecting guests, who themselves will become the next victims of this cruel game...


Chernobyl Diaries (2012)


2 years 28 weeks ago

I didn’t go in expecting much from Chernobyl Diaries. All the advertising beat the audience over the head with the fact that the creator of the Paranormal Activity series produced it. That’s more of a deterrent for me than seal of approval at this point, considering the plummeting decline in the Paranormal sequels. Alas, I was really drawn in by the premise of using the Chernobyl...


Horror DVD/Blu-ray Releases: June 5th

2 years 28 weeks ago

The following Horror/Horror-related titles hit DVD/Blu-ray shelves this Tuesday: The Collapsed (Anchor Bay Home Entertainment) Premise: In the wake of the end of the world, a family of four desperately tries to survive. Their goal: escaping the city and traveling to the rural community they once called home. As the constant threat of a violent death forces them to stay as far away from...


Horror DVD/Blu-ray Releases: May 29th

2 years 29 weeks ago

The following Horror/Horror-related titles hit DVD/Blu-ray shelves this Tuesday: True Blood: The Complete Fourth Season (DVD/Blu-ray) (HBO Home Video)   Premise:Another supernatural force has come to light in Bon Temps - witchcraft - and life for its residents will never be the same. Sookie finds herself entangled in a love triangle - torn between a vengeful Bill, the new Vampire King...


Horror DVD/Blu-ray Releases: May 15th

2 years 31 weeks ago

The following Horror/Horror-related titles hit DVD/Blu-ray shelves this Tuesday: Chronicle (DVD/Blu-ray) (Fox Home Entertainment)   Click here for FrighT's review of the film! Premise: Three high school students make an incredible discovery, leading to their developing uncanny powers beyond their understanding. As they learn to control their abilities and use them to their...


Outpost: Black Sun (2012)


2 years 32 weeks ago

Back in 2008 we received the first Outpost, a movie that managed to be one of the better Nazi-zombie renditions I've seen, even to this day. The flick offered a good blend of action and horror and really surprised me in many aspects. Now, we're finally given a sequel that's said to be "bigger and bloodier" than the first and while it does manage to give us more action and carnage, it...


Asylum Blackout (2011)


2 years 32 weeks ago

Alexandre Courtes makes his debut with Asylum Blackout, a film that went under the title The Incident during its festival run, but was renamed (a couple times) after it was picked up by IFC. The flick is a surprisingly decent debut, but unfortunately tries to be smarter than it actually is by delivering an unnecessarily ambiguous ending. However, for the most part, it wasn't a bad watch. The...