Mom and Dad (2017)

13 weeks 2 days ago
This marks Brian Taylor's directorial debut away from his co-writing/directing partner Mark Neveldine, both of whom worked on really fast paced no-...

The BEST and WORST Horror Movies of 2017

13 weeks 4 days ago
Now that we're in a brand new year it's time to look back at some of the best and worst movies to come out of 2017. While I wasn't able to review...

Escape from Cannibal Farm (2017)

13 weeks 5 days ago
Title? Check. Trailer? Check. Plot? Check. Who would have thought from the above that Escape From Cannibal Farm could result in the foulest pile of...

Garden Party Massacre (2018)

14 weeks 1 day ago
Been to a garden party recently? Yeah me either…they are always rather dull, huh? Well not THIS one! Welcome to Caleb and Addie’s strangely...

Day of the Dead: Bloodline (2018)

14 weeks 5 days ago
As if the 2008 remake of Day of the Dead wasn't bad enough, someone gets it in their head that fans were looking for another filmmaker to take a crack...

ALL YOU NEED IS BLOOD: Ep. 41 Thanksgiving / Ep. 42 Xmas Horror Again!

16 weeks 6 days ago
The AYNiB crew is back again (minus Shane) just in time to discuss some Xmas horror! And in case you missed it, the special Thanksgiving episode...

The Lurker

17 weeks 6 days ago
A group of theatre students, celebrating their final show, begin to slowly disappear one at a time. CATEGORY Killers...

Santa's on the loose in this extended clip from ONCE UPON A TIME AT CHRISTMAS

18 weeks 6 days ago
ONCE UPON A TIME AT CHRISTMAS is the latest killer santa flick to hit VOD and DVD shelves on December 12th and below you can...




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