Howling: New Moon Rising or How to Make a Bad Movie

11 weeks 6 days ago
Let's talk a little bit about bad movies. Many people do their best to avoid movies that are considered “bad”. They think it's best to only...

Watch the first trailer for Stephen King's THE DARK TOWER!

12 weeks 1 day ago
The first official trailer for The Dark Tower is now available below! Directed by Nikolaj Arcel (A Royal Affair), the movie is based on the series of...

UHM Podcast: Episode 24 - Werewolves

12 weeks 2 days ago
After a long delay, the UHM Horror crew returns to tackle some of the best and worst werewolf movies. Shane talks about beloved films An American...

A Dark Song (2016)

13 weeks 1 day ago
A Dark Song is an Irish horror drama from first time writer/director Liam Gavin that's been getting quite a bit of praise from the festival circuit....

The Ranger

13 weeks 6 days ago
Follows a group of teen punks who get in trouble with the cops. The punks escape to the woods to hide out where they come up against the local authority...

The Bride

thebrideposter (1)_0.jpg
14 weeks 2 days ago
Nastya is a young woman who travels with her soon to be husband to his family home. Upon their arrival, she can't help but think that the visit may have...

The Void (2016)

15 weeks 2 days ago
The Void is the latest indie flick to pay homage to the greats from yesteryear, specifically borrowing a lot from early John Carpenter. Normally when a...

UHM Podcast: Horror Videos Games and the Cornetto Trilogy

15 weeks 3 days ago
A brand new ep of the UHM Podcast is available now, where the gang discusses Edgar Wright's Cornetto Trilogy (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, The World'...




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