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Watch The Full JURASSIC WORLD Trailer Now!

1 day 5 hours ago

The full trailer for Jurassic World is now available for viewing below. The flick is the fourth installment in the franchise and considered more of a "reboot" that's set several years after the events of the previous flick, where a fully functional Dino theme park called Jurassic World exists to the public. The movie is set to hit theaters on June 12th 2015. More info on the...


October HORROR BLOCK Unboxed!

1 week 6 days ago

What is Horror Block? From the makers of Nerd Block comes Horror Block! Horror Block is a monthly mystery package delivered right to your door filled with pop-horror apparel, toys, and collectables! More info can be found by clicking here. Been pretty busy in my personal life, but I finally got around to unboxing October's Horror Block. Check out what goodies were added for our...


The Babadook (2014)


3 weeks 2 days ago

From Australia comes The Babadook, from first time writer/director Jennifer Kent--a film that has been getting quite a lot of positive buzz behind it after traveling the festival circuit and it's a movie that I've been anxiously awaiting to see myself. Now having finally seen it I can see why it's been praised so much and luckily it's not all just a bunch of hype, as Kent has manufactured a...


Cat People (1982)


3 weeks 4 days ago

1982's Cat People is a bit different from most of the horror films of that decade and certainly has its own unique style and charms. The film opens up in a surrealistic red desert to some very moody music, showing a bit of the mysterious Cat's origins and the aboriginal cult of followers they had. It is a very brooding, ambient, and interesting opening to a fairly unique film. After the...


Wolves (2014)


4 weeks 1 day ago

Video game fans may recognize writer/director David Hayter as the voice of Solid Snake from the Metal Gear Solid series, while comic fans may also remember him as scripting the first couple X-Men movies, so either way chances are you may be familiar with the man's work in one form or another. Naturally already established in the action front, Wolves is his surprising detour into the horror...


Check the Trailer for INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 3!

4 weeks 6 days ago

The first trailer for Insidious: Chapter 3 has just been released and can be viewed below. The newest chapter in the terrifying horror series is written and directed by franchise co-creator Leigh Whannell. A twisted new tale of terror begins for a teenage girl and her family, predating the haunting of the Lambert family in the earlier movies and revealing more mysteries of the...


Annabelle (2014)


5 weeks 19 min ago

Feeding off the success of The Conjuring comes Annabelle, the spinoff/prequel that focuses primarily on the creepy doll we knew little about. In this film we revolve around a young married couple named Mia and John, where their seemingly perfect life is shattered one night when some occultists break into their home and attempt to slay the family. They fail, but not before the female cult member...


Horns (2013)


5 weeks 2 hours ago

Based on the book by author Joe Hill (Stephen King's son) and directed by Alexandre Aja (The Hills Have Eyes, Piranha 3D), Horns is your basic tale of love and revenge, but with a twist. I personally haven't read the book, but I was surprised by how much I actually enjoyed the movie. I wasn't aware it was part comedy until viewing it, which was nice because it actually seemed to make the flick...


September HORROR BLOCK Finally Unboxed!

6 weeks 4 days ago

What is Horror Block? From the makers of Nerd Block comes Horror Block! Horror Block is a monthly mystery package delivered right to your door filled with pop-horror apparel, toys, and collectables! More info can be found by clicking here. I finally got my hands on the latest horror block and here's what was inside.. (1) Rue Morgue Magazine's Horror Movie Heroes Book (2) Zombie T-...


The Houses October Built (2014)


6 weeks 5 days ago

Part found footage and part mockumentary, The Houses October Built follows a group of friends as they load up their RV and go across states from one haunted attraction to the other, in search of the ultimate most realistic fear inducing one. The crew is more specifically on the hunt for a rumored underground haunt that's not only hard to find, but also available by invitation only. That pretty...