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The Pack (2010)


2 years 38 weeks ago

The Pack is a French movie that I've been anticipating for a while. Although it offers a very common theme, it delivers a minor twist by modifying the standard crazed backwoods-type family and throwing in these ghoulish meat-eating humanoid creatures. Unfortunately, it also suffers from some serious drawn out scenes and pacing issues, resulting is a bit of a mixed bag for me. The film starts...


Hellraiser: Revelations (2011)


2 years 39 weeks ago

It's been six years since the last addition to the Hellraiser franchise and it honestly should've remained that way, because Revelations is simply a disgrace to the Hellraiser name. This film was only made on the fact that the studio was under contract to put forth a new Hellraiser flick in a certain amount of time, otherwise, they would've lost the rights to the remake, which is currently...


Horror DVD/Blu-ray Releases: October 18th

2 years 40 weeks ago

The following Horror/Horror-related titles hit DVD/Blu-ray shelves this Tuesday: Beware (Maya Entertainment) Premise: The town of Shady Grove holds many dark secrets. Amongst them is the sadistic tale of "Shane,“ a boy who was tortured and chained to a tree as a youngster. Legend has it that he wanders the woods in search of revenge. But no proof of his existence has ever been...


Hisss (2010)


2 years 40 weeks ago

A joint production between US and India, this is said to be the first Bollywood creature feature by an American director. I haven't seen many Bollywood films, but the ones I've attempted to watch I simply couldn't finish. I'm not a fan of musicals, and since a majority of Bollywood movies contain a lot of random singing and dancing, I just can't get into'em. Luckily, Hisss doesn't really have...


FINAL DESTINATION 5 DVD/Blu-ray Lurks After Christmas!

2 years 40 weeks ago

  The 5th film in this horror movie franchise will lurk over DVD/Blu-ray shelves on December 27th via New Line Home Entertainment/Warner Home Video.  DVD cover art is posted on the right and can be enlarged for detailed viewing!  Special features include the following: "Final Destination 5: Circle of Death, Your Final Destination" featurette Alternate Death...



2 years 40 weeks ago

Check below for an exclusive clip from Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings, which hits DVD/Blu-ray shelves on October 25th. At an isolated hospital deep in the West Virginia wilderness, three hideously deformed mutants go on a merciless killing spree. Now, decades later, this family of blood-thirsty cannibals is stalking new prey: a group of young skiers trapped by a blizzard. The...


CHILLERAMA Out On DVD/Blu-ray By Thanksgiving!

2 years 40 weeks ago

  This new horror anthology will make its way to DVD/Blu-ray shelves on November 29th via Image Entertainment.  Cover art is post on the right and can be enlarged for detailed viewing!  Special features include the following: Directors' Video Commentary Wadzilla Deleted Scenes and Trailer The Making of The Diary of Anne Frankenstein Werebear's Behind the Scenes,...


Faces in the Crowd (2011)


2 years 40 weeks ago

Milla Jovovich stars as a school teacher that witnesses a murder while walking home one night and is nearly killed by the serial killer known as "Tearjerk Jack." She barely makes it out alive after falling off a bridge and hitting her head along the way. Once she regains consciousness, it's revealed that she's now suffering a neurological disorder known as "face-blindness" (...


Horror DVD/Blu-ray Releases: October 11th

2 years 41 weeks ago

The following Horror/Horror-related titles hit DVD/Blu-ray shelves this Tuesday: The Bad Seed (Blu-ray) (Warner Home Video) Special features include the following: Audio commentary by Patty McCormack and Charles Busch Featurette: "Enfant Terrible: A Conversation With Patty McCormack" Theatrical Trailer Premise: Rhoda Penmark (Patty McCormack) is a well-mannered 8-year-...