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Lucio Fulci's ZOMBIE Makes Blu-ray Debut!

3 years 16 weeks ago

  Lucio Fulci's classic 1979 zombie film finally makes it's Blu-ray debut on October 25th via Blue Underground.  The release comes a week before Halloween!  It will be packed in a 2-disc Ultimate Edition with a DVD re-release coinciding with the Blu-ray release.  Special features include the following: Audio Commentary with Star Ian McCulloch and Diabolik Magazine...


October DVD/Blu-ray Date for SCREAM 4

3 years 16 weeks ago

The latest film in Wes Craven's slasher film franchise will hit DVD/Blu-ray shelves on October 4th via Anchor Bay Home Entertainment.  A trade ad featuring the DVD/Blu-ray artwork can be found on the right and enlarged for detailed viewing.  Special features include the following: “The Making of Scream 4” featurette Extended ending Deleted and extended scenes...


PRIEST DVD/Blu-ray/3D Blu-ray Next Month

3 years 16 weeks ago

This new horror film, based off the manhwa (Korean comic), will hit DVD/Blu-ray shelves on August 16th via Sony Picture Home Entertainment.  Special features include the following: Audio Commentary with Director Scott Stewart, Writer Cory Goodman,  Actors Paul Bettany and Maggie Q Deleted and Extended Scenes The Bloody Frontier: Creating the World of Priest Tools of...


Vampires (2010)


3 years 17 weeks ago

Vampires is a Belgium mockumentary that revolves around a documentary crew that follow an odd family of bloodsuckers as they detail their lives and reveal the ins and outs of their strict vampire society. This is a film that I seriously wanted to like, but I just could not get into it at all. The concept is great and innovative, but the execution has A LOT of room for improvement and the pacing...


Horror DVD/Blu-ray Releases: July 5th

3 years 17 weeks ago

To all American UHMers, I'd like to wish you all a happy and safe 4th of July!  Celebrate America's birthday with these Horror/Horror-related titles hitting DVD/Blu-ray shelves the day after the holiday: The Anniversary At Shallow Creek (Vicious Circle Fims/Breaking Glass Pictures) Special features include the following: Behind the Scenes featurette Production Interviews...


Blu-ray Debut for Original HALLOWEEN II Sequel!

3 years 17 weeks ago

The 1981 sequel to John Carpenter's classic first film of the Halloween movie franchise will finally make its Blu-ray debut on September 13th via Universal Home Entertainmnt.  Cover art has been posted on the right and can be enlarged for detailed viewing!  Special features include the following: "Terror In the Aisles" - the 1984 documentary presented by Donald...


Bikini zombie babes in Thai horror comedy GANCORE GUD

3 years 17 weeks ago

Opening in Thailand on July 21st is the horror comedy Gancore Gud, a film that tells the story of a hip-hop group that find themselves stuck on a remote island and paradise turns to horror when they encounter bloody murderous islanders and zombies rising from the sea. Check out the trailer below, which unfortunately doesn't contain any subtitles at the moment. There's currently no US ...


Priest (2011)


3 years 18 weeks ago

Based on the Korean graphic novel with the same name, Priest is the latest flick from director Scott Stewart. If you've seen Stewarts previous effort, Legion, then you pretty much know what to expect from Priest, especially considering it also stars actor Paul Bettany, who once again plays an all-around badass unstoppable character. I've only read the first graphic novel several years ago, so I...


Horror DVD/Blu-ray Releases: June 28th

3 years 18 weeks ago

The following Horror/Horror-related titles hit DVD/Blu-ray shelves this Tuesday: The Baby (Severin Films) Special features include the following: Audio interview with director Ted Post Audio interview with star David Mooney Theatrical trailer Premise:Social worker Ann Gentry (Anjanette Comer) is assigned to a new case: the Wadsworth family, which consists of an abusive,...



3 years 18 weeks ago

Today, June 24th, marks UHM's 12th year on the interwebz!!  It's been a long, but glorious ride getting here, and while some readers have been with us since the beginning, there are still many others being newly introduced. I never thought the site would make it this far, let-alone become as big as it did, but I'm glad it has. My goal from the start was to simply offer fans a...


Horror DVD/Blu-ray Releases: June 21st

3 years 19 weeks ago

Happy Father's Day to all those who have fathered spawn here at UHM!  Here are the following Horror/Horror-related titles which hit DVD/Blu-ray shelves this Tuesday to pick up as belated Father's Day gifts: Black Rat (Tokyo Shock/Media Blasters) Premise: Six classmates receive an e-mail from Asuka, who they thought had committed suicide, asking them to meet up later that night. But when...


New trailer for Korean flick THE CAT

3 years 19 weeks ago

A new trailer for the upcoming Korean horror flick The Cat is now available below. Unfortunately there aren't any subs for it at the moment. The movie opens to Korean cinemas on July 7th, while there's currently no US distribution set. So-yeun is an animal groomer who works in a pet shop. One day, she gets stuck with a Persian cat named Silky after its owner suddenly dies. From then on...