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The Last Days on Mars (2013)


29 weeks 4 days ago

It's hard to do a good sci-fi horror film nowadays, but first time director Ruairi Robinson pulled it off quite well with The Last Days on Mars. I went into the flick knowing very little and came out pleasantly surprised. It definitely wasn't what I expected at all, which I think is what I really enjoyed most about it. The story follows a team of astronauts searching for some form of life on...


Love Bite (2012)


36 weeks 4 hours ago

Werewolf films are pretty rare nowadays and being a fan of the sub-genre I try to see what I can. Regrettably much of what we get is pretty forgettable. Love Bite is really no different, despite trying its hardest to be. Described as part "teen sex comedy," which is actually pretty accurate since it's more of a raunchy comedy that just so happens to have a random werewolf that pops up...


Phobia (2008)


36 weeks 1 day ago

I'm pretty behind on my Asian horror nowadays, but I've always kept Phobia AKA 4bia on my radar since I've heard nothing but positive stuff about it. I finally decided to take a look at it this past Halloween and I'm glad I did, because it's definitely one of the better horror anthologies I've seen recently. 6/10 - "Loneliness" by Yongyoot Thongkongtoon This first entry is a...


Mischief Night (2013)


36 weeks 1 day ago

Mischief Night comes to us from Richard Schenkman whose given us cinema greats such as Playboy: Playmates in Paradise and Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies...*awkward silence*... He's back with Mischief Night, and just in time for Halloween (well sort of). In the film we follow a girl named Emily who suffers from psychosomatic blindness (blind mentally, not physically) and finds herself alone on the...

Mischief Nightdvd.jpg

All Hallows' Eve (2013)


36 weeks 2 days ago

This has been a movie I've been waiting for since I saw Damien Leone's previous shorts The 9th Circle and Terrifier, which was put him on a lot of people's radar. They were both creative, featured some decent practical and makeup effects and were pretty gory. Not only that, but they featured a mute and very creepy antagonist named Art the Clown. I knew that Leone was planning to incorporate his...


Odd Thomas (2013)


36 weeks 3 days ago

Based on a successful series of books from author Dean Koontz (which I've never read), Anton Yelchin stars as Odd Thomas--a young short-order cook who has clairvoyant abilities that enables him to see the dead and malevolent creatures known as "Bodachs" that seem to hover around people that intend to do harm or die imminent or unusual deaths. It seems like just another day for Odd...


Byzantium (2012)


36 weeks 4 days ago

After a lengthy hiatus from horror, director Neil Jordan (Interview with the Vampire) returns to the genre with Byzantium--an unconventional and poignant tale of a mother-daughter vampire duo who've been on the run for hundreds of years from a secret vampire organization known as "The Brotherhood." While the genre is starting to finally heal from what Twilight did to the modern...


Fright Night 2: New Blood (2013)


38 weeks 2 hours ago

The Fright Night remake hit theaters in 2011 and to my surprise turned out entertaining. I know a lot of fans were mixed or hated it, but I personally had fun with it and it was nice to see a mainstream vampire film depicting vampires actually being vampires and not spending their time looking sad and glittery. Now, two years later Fox (in their attempt to cash-in on the moderate success of the...


Nothing Left to Fear (2013)


38 weeks 1 day ago

Produced by legendary guitarist Slash via his newly-created Slasher Films production outfit, Nothing Left to Fear is a fairly mediocre effort that suffers from major pacing issues on top of borrowing ideas from several other flicks. The story basically follows a young Pastor and his family as they move into a small nowheresville town with an ominous secret. Of course the town's true reasons for...