The Envelope

16 weeks 5 days ago
A strange envelope is delivered to an architect bureau by mistake. Igor, a driver, gets the task to bring it to the right address. From that moment his...

ALL YOU NEED IS BLOOD: Halloween Series Part 1 and 2

16 weeks 5 days ago
AYNiB is back with a couple more eps for October. In a two-part special the crew discusses the Halloween franchise. Check out the eps below and you...

Classic Horror Movies to Watch on Halloween

17 weeks 8 hours ago
Do you want to play a game? If that question made a shiver run down your spine, we’re guessing you’re a fan of horror movies. And if that...

The Continued Success of the Alien Film Franchise

17 weeks 21 hours ago
When the first Alien movie was released back in 1979, very few could have predicted the impact that the franchise would have on both the world of film and...

Horror Films That Feature Vegas / Gambling

17 weeks 1 day ago
If you’re a regular reader on the site then you'd be aware of just how much we enjoy horror movie trivia. When picking out a movie for a night in,...

Top 3 Cliches that Can Make or Break a Horror Movie

17 weeks 2 days ago
It’s Halloween time, time of tricks and gore and witches and ghosts – and of course, movie nights by right belong to horror movies! Whether it...

Victor Crowley (2017)

17 weeks 4 days ago
You can't keep a good slasher down. The murderous ghost Victor Crowley returns in the 4th chapter of the throwback slasher series. Also returning is...


17 weeks 6 days ago
When Catherine’s father passes away, she has to travel to the abandoned family estate to facilitate the sale. Catherine wants to get it done...




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