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The Purge (2013)


45 weeks 1 day ago

The Purge is a film that took a lot of flak around its release due to the fact that it offered such a great original concept, but turned it into a standard home invasion thriller. Although a lot of potential was lost in the process it wasn't as bad as a lot of viewers had made it out to be, so my going in with incredibly low expectations left me somewhat satisfied, despite its many problems....


The Colony (2013)


45 weeks 5 days ago

The cast and the concept for The Colony is actually pretty decent, but sadly the script and execution is not only bad, but proves to be another example of a studio ruining a project. Back in 2008 this was being described as an "eco-thriller" and "Hitchcock's The Birds, but with bugs" making it sound like it could have some potential. Unfortunately, after passing through...


World War Z (2013)


45 weeks 6 days ago

I'm ashamed to admit that I've never read the book that this film is based on, however I feel had I done so I probably would have a slightly different opinion on the movie. Either way, despite much of the production issues and the slack it got for being completely different from the source material, I personally found the flick rather entertaining. While the book takes place years after the...


The Conjuring (2013)


46 weeks 6 hours ago

Director James Wan has certainly made a name for himself within the genre after bursting onto the scene with Saw and only added to his success with Insidious years later, which I liked but wasn't too fond of the climax or main villain. The Conjuring marks the return of Insidious star Patrick Wilson, who stars as Ed Warren, alongside Vera Farmiga as Lorraine Warren--both of which are based on...


Riddick (2013)


46 weeks 1 day ago

I've been a huge fan of the Riddick character ever since his appearance in Pitch Black and apparently actor Vin Diesel also loves the character enough that he and writer/director David Twohy have been trying to make another film for years, even after the critical and box office failure of Chronicles of Riddick. The problem with that film was the studio's hand in it, as they attempted to mold...


Catch a FREE early screening of YOU'RE NEXT in San Antonio, TX!

1 year 3 hours ago

UPDATE: All the passes have been claimed! San Antonio, Texas residents are in luck as UHM is offering 100 FREE passes to catch an advanced screening of You're Next a week before it's official release! All you have to do is go to this link: https://www.gofobo.com/rsvp/promotion/1678e882707db9bfa2c57e68c33e8c65 and register for an account, then you'll be able to print the passes...


Gallowwalkers (2012)


1 year 9 hours ago

Gallowwalkers had a pretty troubled production and it unfortunately shows in the final product. The flick originally started out as "The Wretched" and had Chow Yun-Fat set to star. Back then the story revolved around a bounty hunter whose job was to wipe out the population of the undead in the Old West. It sounded more like a traditional zombie film (with action elements), but filming...


Happy 14th Bday UHM!!!

1 year 4 weeks ago

It's a couple days late, but June 24th marked UHM's 14th anniversary! Independently owned and operated (by yours truly), I created UHM while still in High School and out of sheer boredom and love for the genre. The page and myself have come a long way since and while it may not be the most popular genre site out there, I try to at least make it one of the most honest and informative. UHM...


Dark Skies (2013)


1 year 9 weeks ago

Director Scott Stewart takes a break from working on big budgeted action/horror pics like Legion and Priest to focus on a more smaller-budgeted creepy alien abduction tale called Dark Skies. The flick is produced by Blumhouse Productions, which is no stranger to developing successful atmospheric creepers like the Paranormal Activity films and Sinister. Dark Skies basically takes your standard...


Mama (2013)


1 year 9 weeks ago

Mama is based on a successful short film with the same name from director Andrés Muschietti. The short actually caught the attention of Guillermo Del Toro, who helped put the project together and turn it into a full length feature and with good reason, as the flick is a surprisingly effective chiller for the first half, but falls victim to some iffy CG and a little too much Mama exposure...