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Uninvited (1988)


4 years 11 weeks ago

The best way to describe Uninvited is "pure 80's cheese", because that's exactly what this movie oozes from the start. I mean, it's about a mutated killer cat for crap's sake! Anyway, the story follows a group of 20-somethings that are lookin' for a little vacation fun and decide to mooch off a local shady millionaire after he woo's a couple of the young whores and invites them to his...



4 years 12 weeks ago

The latest made-for-TV sequel to this killer croc franchise hits DVD shelves on October 26th via Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.  Cover art can be found on the right and enlarged for detailed viewing!  As of right now, there are no confirmed special features for this release.  Please stay tuned for any further information regarding these features! Premise: Get ready for a living...


Post-Halloween Roger Corman DVDs Coming!

4 years 12 weeks ago

Shout! Factory is at it again!  The film distribution company plans to release NOT OF THIS EARTH, THE TERROR WITHIN, and DEAD SPACE on DVD!  Information about these DVDs can be found in the offical press release below! This November 2, 2010, get ready for a trio of science-fiction terror palooza when Shout! Factory, in association with New Horizons Picture Corporation will unleash Not...

Horror DVD/Blu-ray Releases: August 31st

4 years 12 weeks ago

The following Horror/Horror-related titles hit DVD/Blu-ray shelves this Tuesday: Brainjacked (Unearthed Films) Special features include the following: Audio commentary with Director Andrew Allan and Producer Andy Lilano Audio commentary with Director of Photography Wes Pratt, Sound Designer & Composer Eddie "Enotide" Sturgeon, and director Andrew Allan Audio...

Suck (2009)


4 years 12 weeks ago

With the genre's recent surge of vampire films, it's hard to find something actually good among all the crap. The recent Canadian-based vamp flick Suck, luckily doesn't fall into the crap-side of things and despite its name, does not suck. The film follows a underperforming rock band, ironically named "The Winners" that travels from one small town-bar after another, until they...


Burning Bright (2010)


4 years 12 weeks ago

A young woman (Briana Evigan) and her autistic little brother are trapped inside their boarded up home during a hurricane, and the only other company they have is an F'n murderous Bengal tiger! That's the basic premise for Burning Bright, and as ludicrous as it sounds, the film itself is actually fairly decent, especially for a straight-to-DVD effort. The movie manages to deliver a good amount...


The Last Exorcism (2010)


4 years 12 weeks ago

Alright, so if you had a childhood like mine that consisted of getting your pudgy little fingers on every horror film that you could then A.) you totally rock, and B.) you’re probably hard pressed to find a movie that can legitimately frighten you.  For me, the only things that can get my hairs standing on edge are really well crafted haunting and possession films, which as you can...


Blu-ray Art Released for Three 09/14 MGM Horror Titles

4 years 12 weeks ago

Cover art for the following MGM Home Entertainment horror titles have been revealed by the distributor; set to hit Blu-ray shelves on September 14th!  The Blu-rays will be packaged with a DVD copy of the film, but no other special features are yet known.  Unless we hear otherwise, just assume the previous DVD special features will be included on Blu-ray releases! The Amityville...

Cover Art For TROLL 2 Blu-ray Revealed

4 years 13 weeks ago

Often labeled as the "best-worst movie ever made", this 1990 cult-sequel will finally makes it's Blu-ray debut and DVD re-release on October 5th from MGM Home Entertainment.  Cover art for the release can be found on the right and enlarged for detailed viewing! It will be released as the "20th Anniversary Nilbog Edition." Other than a DVD version of the film packaged in...


PREDATORS DVD/Blu-ray Release Coming!

4 years 13 weeks ago

  The latest sequel to this movie franchise will hit DVD/Blu-ray shelves on October 19th via Fox Home Entertainment.  Special features include the following: Audio commentary by Producer Robert Rodriguez and Director Nimrod Antal Motion Comics "Moments of Extraction" - Robert Rodriguez presents exclusive prequel vignettes voiced by the cast of Predators...