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Image Reveal Season Two Blu-ray of THE TWILIGHT ZONE!

4 years 19 weeks ago

With the Blu-ray release of the Season One only a month away, Image Entertainment will bring Season Two of this classic horror/sci-fi show to Blu-ray on November 16th!  Cover art is located on the right and can be enlarged for detailed viewing.  Special features for the upcoming Blu-ray will include the following: Rarely-seen, unofficial Twilight Zone pilot, The Time Element,...


Anchor Bay DVD/Blu-ray At High ALTITUDE in Oct.

4 years 19 weeks ago

This new monster film is slated to prey on DVD/Blu-ray consumers on October 26th via Anchor Bay Home Entertainment.   No cover art or feature specs to provide you at this time.  More will be announed as we get closer to the release date! Premise: Lost in a mysterious cloudbank, a rookie pilot and her four teenage friends must contend with a freak mechanical failure that first...


4 years 19 weeks ago

Once known as LESLIE, MY NAME IS EVIL, this film will make its way to DVD shelves on October 12th via Lionsgate Home Entertainment.  Cover art for the release is located on the right and can be enlarged for detailed viewing.  No offical word on special feature specs, but an update will be posted if any are announced! Premise:Charles Manson’s lust for blood left not only a trail...



4 years 19 weeks ago

The 2009 Spanish production/English language-filmed horror/thriller film is slated to hit DVD shelves on September 28th via IFC Films/MPI Home Video.  Cover art for the release can be found on the right and enlarged for detailed viewing!  Special features have no been announced for the release.  However, an update will be posted if any are annouced between now and then! Click here...


October DVD Date for Dario Argento's GIALLO!

4 years 19 weeks ago

This latest effort from Italian horror director, Dario Argento, will finally grace North American DVD shelves on October 19th via Maya Home Entertainment.  DVD cover art can be found on the right and enlarged for detailed viewing.  Unfortunately, no special features have been announced. More is to come in the following weeks! Premise: An American Stewardess and an Italian Detective...


Bestseller (2010)


4 years 19 weeks ago

Bestseller is a new South Korean thriller that borrows from a couple notable genre flicks, but also blends a couple sub-genres together and delivers a decent little murder mystery. Not the most original of flicks, the movie does give a couple chills in the beginning and an out've-nowhere twist half way that sets the mark for a change of pace and story. The film focuses on an author, whose work...


Horror DVD/Blu-ray Releases: August 3rd

4 years 20 weeks ago

The following Horror/Horror-related titles hit DVD/Blu-ray shelves this Tuesday: After.Life (DVD/Blu-ray) (Anchor Bay Home Entertainment)   Special features include the following: Audio commentary by director Agnieszka Wojtowicz-Vosloo “Delving Into the AFTER.LIFE: The Art of Making a Thriller” featurette Theatrical trailer Click here for FrighT's review of...


4 years 20 weeks ago

  Season two of the popular BBC television series hits North American DVD/Blu-ray shelves on September 21st from Warner Home Video/BBC Video.  Special features include the following: Featurettes Blood Bursting The Caves Unleashing the Beast The Swinging Sixties Behind the Makeup Making the New Werewolf Train Carnage...

Confirmed Date and Extras for MADMAN DVD!

4 years 20 weeks ago

For all the those who have the highly sought after and OOP Anchor Bay release of MADMAN, it's time for an upgrade!!  Code Red DVD have finally unveiled a September 28th street date, cover art (found on the right), and a list of special features that blow the previous DVD right out of the water!  These features include the following: Brand new 16x9 (1:85:1) anamorphic widscreen...


Severin Films Re-releases DVD of CRUCIBLE OF TERROR

4 years 20 weeks ago

Along with a brand new DVD/Blu-ray release of PSYCHOMANIA on October 26th, Severin Films have announced a brand new DVD of another UK horror film on the same day: the 1971 horror film, CRUCIBLE OF TERROR.  Not much is known about the special features of the disc other than a brand new HD transfer of the film.  The film distribution company have also release the DVD cover art for the...