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More changes here at UHM

1 year 11 weeks ago

The site has been running into a lot of server issues as of late--issues that would would include pages failing to connect or just simply going in a continuous loading loop and never finishing. UHM is currently on a very old server and unfortunately not able to upgrade to a better one at the moment. So, certain aspects of the site have to be removed in hopes of maintaining a more stable...


A Haunted House (2013)


1 year 12 weeks ago

With the success of the Paranormal Activity films and the recent surge of exorcism flicks we've naturally received a flood of copycats and spoofs along the way, many of which have been rather subpar in many aspects. It was only a matter of time before we got a slightly different and comedic take on the haunted house sub-genre. In this case it's with a primarily black cast of characters and how...


Maniac (2012)


1 year 12 weeks ago

Being a fan of the original, I approached this remake with caution, but also with a somewhat open mind. As long as it's not as it's not an exact copy of the source material, I try to treat each remake with the possibility (but unlikelihood) of surpassing the original, especially if the predecessor has some room for improvement. That's how I felt about the original--it was a good film and...


The Lords of Salem (2012)


1 year 13 weeks ago

I dig Rob Zombie as a musician, but his filmmaking career has been pretty hit and miss for me, as I've only liked a couple of his films. After much of his work had been based on other material, I was looking forward to seeing what he had in stored for us with Lords of Salem--a film that not only reintroduced witches back to the genre, but also seemingly offered a semi-original story from Zombie...


Evil Dead (2013)


1 year 16 weeks ago

Whether we wanted it or not, I think we all knew that one day we'd get a remake of Evil Dead. Fans shunned and hated the idea, but once the first footage was released many changed their tunes. I tried to stay neutral about the whole thing; knowing that it'll obviously not top the original, but could very well end up being a solid horror flick. It seems that even the studio and filmmakers (...


Citadel (2012)


1 year 19 weeks ago

Citadel is like a modern day Irish take on The Brood, with the hooded mutant children causing all sorts of mayhem, but in this case specifically centered around a broken down apartment complex and its poor inhabitants. I liked the flick to a certain extent, but had a problem with some of the glaring plot-holes in the story. The flick follows a young man who's forced to raise his baby alone...


The Collection (2012)


1 year 19 weeks ago

I gotta admit, I wasn't a huge fan of The Collector when it came out. I mean, I liked the concept, but there were quite a few problems with the script. When word of the sequel came I honestly wasn't really looking forward to it, so when I got a chance to finally check it I went in not expecting much. Surprisingly, the movie is actually a lot of fun and improves over its predecessor in many ways...


Vampires (1998)


1 year 19 weeks ago

I first caught Vampires when it was in theaters in '98 and recently felt the need to revisit it to see if it still held up to what I remembered. Surprisingly enough, I think I enjoyed the movie more now than I did in the past, probably because as an adult I can appreciate certain aspects of it better, especially knowing it was John Carpenters last "good" film (in my opinion). While...


A Look Back at the NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET Films

1 year 20 weeks ago

With the Blu-ray collection of all 7 of the Nightmare on Elm Street films now available, we thought we'd look back at some of the more memorable scenes throughout the series:


Come Out and Play (2012)


1 year 21 weeks ago

Next to slashers and zombies, the killer-kid sub-genre has always been a favorite of mine, so I've been anxiously awaiting the chance to check out this latest addition to the genre. Come Out and Play is actually a remake of a little known 70's Spanish film, Who Can Kill a Child? which I liked, despite some pacing issues. Unfortunately, this remake doesn't really offer much else of what we haven...