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The Collection (2012)


1 year 40 weeks ago

I gotta admit, I wasn't a huge fan of The Collector when it came out. I mean, I liked the concept, but there were quite a few problems with the script. When word of the sequel came I honestly wasn't really looking forward to it, so when I got a chance to finally check it I went in not expecting...


Vampires (1998)


1 year 40 weeks ago

I first caught Vampires when it was in theaters in '98 and recently felt the need to revisit it to see if it still held up to what I remembered. Surprisingly enough, I think I enjoyed the movie more now than I did in the past, probably because as an adult I can appreciate certain aspects of it...


A Look Back at the NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET Films

1 year 41 weeks ago

With the Blu-ray collection of all 7 of the Nightmare on Elm Street films now available, we thought we'd look back at some of the more memorable scenes throughout the series:

Come Out and Play (2012)


1 year 42 weeks ago

Next to slashers and zombies, the killer-kid sub-genre has always been a favorite of mine, so I've been anxiously awaiting the chance to check out this latest addition to the genre. Come Out and Play is actually a remake of a little known 70's Spanish film, Who Can Kill a Child? which I liked,...


Stitches (2012)


1 year 44 weeks ago

Stitches is an Irish horror comedy that I didn't know what to expect from going in. I just knew it had a killer clown in it and considering its been ages since I saw a decent clown movie I went in with low expectations. Luckily, I came out pleasantly surprised, because despite some pacing issues...


Bad Meat (2011)


1 year 44 weeks ago

Bad Meat was originally announced back in 2007 with Wrong Turn director Rob Schmidt at the helm, where he promised this would be the "scariest and goriest movie of his career." Going off that quote and the plot of a group of teens fending against their crazed cannibalistic camp...


House at the End of the Street (2012)


1 year 44 weeks ago

‘House at the End of the Street’ might achieve the unique status of being one of the most boring horror films released in 2012.  It’s dull, predictable, and rife with uninteresting characters and a bland story that makes getting through this movie a real challenge.  I...


The ABCs of Death (2012)


1 year 45 weeks ago

The ABCs of Death is an ambitious anthology project that brings together 26 different directors and gives them a letter of the alphabet to use and turn into a word and short story of their own. They're pretty much given full reign over anything they'd like to do and you can bet they take full...


Inbred (2011)


1 year 46 weeks ago

Writer/director Alex Chandon introduced the genre to Cradle of Filth in 2001 and pretty much disappeared for a decade, only to return with Inbred--an uninspired, but gory genre effort. The story follows a group of troubled youths being forced to do a little community service in a small isolated...


Resolution (2012)


1 year 46 weeks ago

I've been looking for another new indie genre film to really surprise me (last one being The Pact) so I thought I'd give Resolution a chance after reading so much praise for it from other viewers and critics. It's definitely a movie that you need to go in knowing very little of (like I did)...