The Bad Seed

Rob Lowe plays a single father who seems to have everything under control, but when a terrible tragedy takes place at his daughter Emma’s (Grace) school, he's forced to question everything he thought he knew about his beloved daughter. He slowly begins to question if Emma’s exemplary behavior is just a façade and if she played a role in the horrific incident. When more strange things begin to happen, he’s faced with keeping a terrible secret to protect Emma, but ultimately must stop her from striking again.

On Lifetime
September 9, 2018 (Lifetime)



The Wolper Organization
Rob Lowe
Barbara Marshall
Rob Lowe
Patty McCormack
McKenna Grace



This film will air on the Lifetime channel.

McKenna Grace (Gifted, Amityville: The Awakening, I Tonya) plays the young girl Emma.

Actress Patty McCormack is back as the psychiatrist who treats Emma. She played the young girl in the original movie.

Actor Rob Lowe (Parks and Recreation) makes his directorial debut with this movie.

While this feature film adaptation is no longer in development, Lifetime is moving forward with their own remake that'll air on the television network later in the year. The plot is as follows: Centers on Kate, described as the perfect modern woman — a successful working wife and mother, always seeking to give the best life to her daughter. She is confronted with one problem she can’t overcome: her daughter is a relentless, murdering sociopath whose viciousness is matched only by her brilliance. Will Kate be able to learn the truth before it’s too late? (7/3/15)

In 2005 this project was said to be on the "fast track", but things apparently fell through, and now that Eli Roth has several other projects in development, it's unlikely he'll be back to helm this project anytime soon (assuming it happens).

This was intended to be a very hard R-rated film.

It's said that Eli's initial concept for the film would "take the premise of the original, but instead of retelling that exact story, he would use it as a jumping off point for a character that he's giddy about".

It was once said that there would be more blood and a higher body count than the original.

In the early stages of development Eli Roth was attached to direct and his intention at the time was to create a new horror icon with the 8-year-old killer from this flick.

The original was actually based on a stage play.

A remake of the 1956 horror film with the same name.