Bubba Nosferatu: Curse of the She-Vampires

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No official plot yet, but it's said to revolve around Elvis shooting a film in Louisiana when he finds himself mixed up with a coven of she-vampires.

Development Hell
No official plot yet, but it's said to revolve around Elvis shooting a film in Louisiana when he finds himself mixed up with a coven of she-vampires.

Development Hell
Touchy Feely Films
Don Coscarelli
Don Coscarelli
Joe R. Lansdale
Stephen Romano
Paul Giamatti (not official)
Ron Perlman (not official)

  • This shouldn't really come as a surprise, but Bruce Campbell had a recent interview where he revealed that he's not interested in reprising his role in the film (assuming it ever happens), saying: "I killed it. I killed it for me. I told the creators that I didn’t want to dance around it anymore. I feel that the first one was a nice little gem and you don’t have to make a sequel for everything. Don Coscarelli, God bless him, go make it. You know, get somebody else. They had Ron Perlman at one point. Knock yourself out. I don’t want to stop you from making this, but I don’t want to [do it]. So, that one I’m just going to let go." (8/23/17)
  • Not much of an update aside from Don Coscarelli keeping the dream to make the film still alive. He had a recent interview where he was asked about the status of the project and his response was the following: "Thank you so much for asking, though. Because that’s what will eventually get the movie made someday. The fanbase. Look, Elvis is eternal and I hope we can do that. We have a great script. Some people say it would make a better TV series, but I don’t know. The next couple years I hope they try to get something going with that, but there are no specifics about it right now." (10/11/16)
  • This project has been in development for years, but never found the proper financing and according to Don Coscarelli "we came very close to getting [this] made. Unfortunately at the last minute it fell apart. However, Elvis is eternal, and one day I hope to get back to it." At the moment Don Coscarelli is busy working on a new Phantasm 4k restoration and is still in post-production on Phantasm: Ravager. Until Don Coscarelli's schedule frees up and they secure enough financing it looks like this project is once again in development hell. (4/15/16)
  • Ron Perlman (Hellboy) was originally going to replace Bruce Campbell as "Elvis".
  • At one point Paul Giamatti was going to play Elvis' manager "Col. Tom Parker".
  • Actor Bruce Campbell won't return as lead "Elvis", as he and writer/director Don Coscarelli couldn't agree on the script, so they parted ways.
  • Apparently the whole idea behind this film was only a joke, but the fans really wanted it to happen, so now Don Coscarelli is serious about doing it.
  • Director Don Coscarelli is working with writer Joe R. Lansdale (short story creator) on the script.
  • Said to be a prequel/sequel to 2002's Bubba Ho-Tep.