Dog Soldiers: Fresh Meat

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In the highland forest, Captain Ryan (Liam Cunningham) and his Special Forces Unit, which includes Sergeant Walker, are spying on the squad of British Soldiers who have been set up as bait for a family of bloodthirsty werewolves. However, the werewolves attack the Special Forces Unit first. Ryan is badly injured and watches helplessly as his men are dragged screaming into the surrounding trees. Walker manages to escape the apparent slaughter, but unknown to him his unit’s distress signal is picked up by a U.S. Command HQ on a nearby Isle.

A small U.S. Unit, led by Sgt Martinez, are immediately sent in to discover what has happened to Ryan’s Unit. They quickly find Ryan’s demolished base camp and the apparent only survivor, Walker; but there are no signs of any dead bodies! What has happened to Ryan and the rest of his men? Now the Unit hear a distant gun-battle. Walker leads Martinez and her men on a race across the moonlit forest to rescue the original British Squad who are trapped in the remote farmhouse. However, a second pack of savage werewolves are in pursuit.

The new pack is in fact the surviving members of Captain Ryan’s SAS team now transformed into werewolves, but they have retained trace memories of their commando training. The new werewolves are faster, deadlier and smarter then the original Highland werewolves. These are true Dog Soldiers – and they are hungry for fresh meat...

In Development
Kismet Entertainment Group
Eric Miller

  • It appears that the project is once again in an unknown stage of development. The last report on the film's status was apparently from an interview with producer David E. Allen back in 2014 where he supposedly said that they were still working on a prequel and another sequel, while Fresh Meat would be released sometime in December of 2014. Some artwork was also created in early 2013 by a UK Graphics Designer (seen here) that somewhat corroborates that story, however at the moment neither the artwork or story can be confirmed. Either way, until something official is released everything must be considered a rumor and the project is either still being developed or in a very secretive (and lengthy) post-production stage. (5/14/15)
  • After nearly 10 years and after several failed production starts, Kismet Entertainment Group officially announced on September 12th 2011 that they are not only working on a web series based on the film, but they're also in the early pre-production stages of the sequel. There's currently no word if the subtitle "Fresh Meat" or the original premise will still be used. (9/12/11)
  • Alternate synopsis: Pvt. Laurence Cooper (survivor of first film) is picked up by a team of American soldiers who are on maneuvers. Cooper's story of werewolves in the woods is met with skepticism until the soldiers return to the now-destroyed farmhouse and discover evidence that something strange indeed went on. They discover a soldier from Capt. Ryan's special ops team (who were mentioned in the first film, but never seen), who explains that his company was also slaughtered by werewolves and have become the werewolves in this film.
  • Originally budgeted at $5.5 million.
  • Rob Green (The Bunker), who was once attached to direct, revealed the following: "Some of the characters actually love being a werewolf because they are so powerful – the ultimate killing machine…it’s a fun spin on the traditional angle that being a werewolf is a curse which damns the person the person no matter what. We also have a very savage she-wolf in the climax who faces against the leader of the pack of Dog Soldiers."
  • Since the werewolves in this film were once members of a military unit, they were going to be more deadly and more coordinated.
  • This sequel was supposedly going to offer "more action, more gore, and more werewolves."
  • Neil Marshal (First Dog Soldiers writer/director) won't be returning, but he will be attached with a "story by" and producing credit.
  • It's said that the film would have had some Americans in the film this time and would have the same elements that the first movie had.
  • Producer David E. Allen originally intended Dog Soldiers to become a new franchise, with a second and third sequel, as well as a prequel detailing the werewolf family that was seen in the first.
  • Eric Miller wrote the original script to this sequel.
  • Click here to follow the original production updates by visiting the old Dog Soldiers: Fresh Meat page on UHM.
  • Production was once set to begin in late August 2003, then moved to Spring of 2005 in Hungary when Michael J. Bassett (Deathwatch) was still attached as director.
  • The sequel to 2002's Dog Soldiers.

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