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Friday the 13th

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No official plot yet.

Killers | Sequels

November 13, 2015
In Development
Paramount Pictures
Platinum Dunes
David Bruckner

  • One of the producers reportedly revealed that the plan is to have the film in 3D, which means they will likely drop the found footage angle that was recently rumored. (6/19/14)
  • Originally had a March 14th 2015 theatrical release.
  • David Bruckner is in negotiations to direct this film, which is now being described as a "reboot". Bruckner co-directed The Signal and then went on to helm a segment in the found footage anthology V/H/S. It's unsure if the producers are still going the found footage route, but rumors indicate that it's not entirely off the table. (4/15/14)
  • Along with adding the release date, the studio has the film listed simply as Friday the 13th, which could mean that this is either another reboot of sorts or will have name change down the road, likely a subtitle. Either way, it's speculation right now since nothing else has been revealed other than the release date. (11/27/13)
  • It's said that the producers are throwing around the idea of the film possibly being found footage.
  • New Line has given the rights back to Paramount Pictures, with word that the studio is interested in bringing life back to the franchise. Producer Brad Fuller recently revealed that work on the project is expected to begin after wrapping up a couple projects. (7/16/13)
  • Fuller briefly explained the current situation with the project, saying "There's just no movement on it right now. Paramount and New Line are simply evaluating if they're going to make it and that's what's happening." (4/26/10)
  • Producer Brad Fuller confirmed that the last script involved Camp Crystal Lake re-opening to the public and Jason would indeed be in a snow setting for a portion of the film.
  • Despite interest from the producers to pursue a sequel, it seems that it wasn't enough move the project forward, as Platinum Dune's Brad Fuller was recently quoted saying that it's now "dead" and "not happening".
  • It's rumored that the film may be in 3D.
  • Originally aimed for an August 13th 2010 theatrical release.
  • No word if Derek Mears returns as Jason Voorhees.
  • There's talk that there may be a segment in the film where Jason is pitted in the snow. It would be fun to see a scene where he's again among the log cabins and garden furniture of a camp creating havoc.
  • The producers are aiming to feature some more unique kills.
  • Writers Damian Shannon and Mark Swift return.
  • It's said that director Marcus Nispel has expressed no interest in returning for the sequel.
  • Though not confirmed, it's unlikely that actors Jared Padalecki and Amanda Righetti will return.
  • It's said that this sequel will not take any cues from previous F13 sequels and will offer a completely new storyline.
  • This project originally started out as a sequel to the 2009 remake, but the studios eventually decided on just "rebooting" it again.


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