Jeepers Creepers 3

The film is rumored to take place between the first and second films, where a skeptical Sergeant Tubbs teams up with a task force hell bent on destroying the Creeper for good. The Creeper fights back in gory glory as its enemies grow closer than ever before to learning the secret of its dark origins.
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The film is rumored to take place between the first and second films, where a skeptical Sergeant Tubbs teams up with a task force hell bent on destroying the Creeper for good. The Creeper fights back in gory glory as its enemies grow closer than ever before to learning the secret of its dark origins.

September 26, 2017 (One Night)
October 4, 2017 (Encore)
October 28, 2017 (SyFy)
December 26, 2017 (DVD)
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Victor Salva
Victor Salva
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Brandon Smith
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  • If you missed the two theatrical showings you can apparently catch the film when it airs on the SyFy channel on October 28th. (9/30/17)
  • Despite the film reportedly only getting a one-night theatrical release on September 26th it will reportedly have an encore showing on October 4th due to demand based on ticket sales. (9/26/17)
  • Apparently the special LA premiere event that was going to happen on September 13th has been cancelled due to fear or potential protests. (8/31/17)
  • Aside from the September 13th LA premiere, the film will get a nationwide release on September 26th, but for only one night. (8/26/17)
  • You can catch the movie early by attending a special one night only screening on September 13th. The TCL Chinese Theater in LA is hosting the screening, which will feature the first two films, followed by a special premiere of the third installment. The event will also have a Q&A with some of the cast. You can grab tickets for the event here. Meanwhile, post-production is said to be wrapping up soon just in time for the event. (8/19/17)
  • Some potential leaked story details have been sent to UHM recently revealing a number of spoilers, if proven true. You can read about the leaks here. (6/18/17)
  • Actress Gina Philips had a recent interview where she offered brief tidbits about the Trish character, where she essentially confirms that she'll have a cameo appearance in this movie, which would ultimately lead to a 4th installment. This was one of the things speculated about in our article that was posted last month. (5/23/17)
  • It appears that the film may primarily take place between the first and second movies, which makes sense if we go by the premise that initially came with the production announcement back in 2015. You can read more on this being a prequel and a sequel here. (4/19/17)
  • The film's original premise is as follows: Trish Jenner is now a mother of a teenage son named Darry, named after the brother she lost 23 years ago. Trish has a recurring nightmare where her son suffers the same fate as her brother did, killed by the Creeper. Determined to prevent this from happening, Trish, who is now a rich and powerful woman, sets out on a final quest with Jack Taggart Sr. and Jr. to end the Creeper’s reign of terror once and for all. The Creeper fights back in gory glory as its enemies grow closer than ever before to learning the secret of its dark origins.
  • Actor Stan Shaw plays the town sheriff that's hunting the Creeper. (3/30/17)
  • Another horror vet, Meg Foster, replaces Adrienne Barbeau. (3/13/17)
  • Genre vet Adrienne Barbeau took to FB recently to reveal that she is not involved with the film, saying: "Contrary to what has been reported, I will not be joining the cast of Jeepers Creepers 3. It's a great script and if you liked the first two, you'll love this one." (3/3/17)
  • Actor Brandon Stacy plays a character named "Miller, a deputy who in his off-hours leads a band of people on the hunt for the Creeper."
  • BD reports that filming has begun in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. (2/20/17)
  • Due to Victor Salva's criminal history he had trouble starting production in Canada last year, which put things on hold for a while. However, recent rumors indicate that filming may finally begin sometime next month in Louisiana instead of Vancouver, like originally planned.(1/11/16)
  • Filming is aimed begin this Spring 2016 in Canada, but a recent casting notice was pulled due to Victor Salva's troubled past that involved a minor (who was a young actor in his film Clownhouse) and child pornography. This led to him serving time in prison. You can read more on that here. No word on how this will effect the production. (3/29/16)
  • Victor Salva was quoted saying: "Writing and directing a new Jeepers film, the first in over a decade, is incredibly exciting. For me and I believe for Jeepers fans all over the world that have been asking for more. What will go before cameras as Jeepers Creepers 3 is a new and terrifying chapter from the Jeepers universe. We are bringing back the Creeper’s truck, and will be addressing the big questions about The Creeper: what it is, where it came from and why it does what it does. More exciting though, this will easily be the most frightening rollercoaster ride of a Jeepers film that has been made to date." (9/11/15)
  • According to a Q&A with Justin Long the film is having trouble finding proper financing, which is apparently the only thing stopping it from moving forward. Next to that, Long confirms that the current script is called Cathedral and focuses on Gina Phillips character "Trish". He also adds that his character Darry would return in a flashback. (9/18/14)
  • Victor Salva once again spoke about the upcoming film, where he revealed that its been ready to shoot for over seven years now, saying: "It has come close several times to going before cameras, and I hope someone sees the wisdom in shooting this, the third and final Creeper tale, I still can't tell you what the fate of this third film will be. According to IMBD we are already filming - I guess they started without any of us!"
  • Salva was reportedly approached about turning this into a possible 3D movie, which he wasn't happy about: "3D would absolutely devastate the script - since the added 2 to 3 million in production costs would strip the screenplay down to a point where it would be smaller in scale than the original Jeepers Creepers. And then even that money dried up. I would say the film has been on and off the front burner at least nine times during the last few years."
  • According to writer/director Victor Salva this film ends in a cliffhanger that would lead into a potential 13-episode television series. Salva was quoted saying: "The third Jeepers film, and I can't tell you how it ends but it is a real show-stopper, I designed to kick off a thirteen episode season of a TV series, that explores The Creeper, his truck, and the massive 'Cathedral' like Creeper-lair they find in the third film."
  • Victor Salva gave a recent update on the project in an interview, saying: "Though I have been beating this drum for so long that people have started not to believe me, I am told they are very close to closing a financing deal for the third film in the trilogy. So I want to say yes, but let’s not jinx it by saying any more. My script for the film, which was written some time ago, sets up a TV series that features Poho County and The Creeper. The script has been ready to shoot for a while now." (2/09/11)
  • Originally thought to be titled Jeepers Creepers 3: The Creeper Walks Among Us.
  • MGM originally inteded this to go straight to DVD, but writer/director Victor Salva hopes it'll go theatrical like the previous two.
  • It's said that the film's old subtitle "Cathedral" plays an important role in the story.
  • Writer/director Victor Salva promises new surprises in the story and claims that this will be the biggest of the three films.
  • We will see the return of the infamous truck the Creeper drove in the first movie.
  • Brandon Smith returns as "Sergeant Davis Tubbs."
  • It's rumored that Gina Phillips will return as "Trish" from the first film.
  • Justin Long was originally going to have a cameo appearance in a flashback, but it's currently not known if that's still the case.
  • Originally actor Ray Wise was going to reprise his role as "Jack Taggart Sr." from the previous film, but now it's uncertain.
  • Jonathan Breck returns as the "Creeper."
  • Victor Salva will once again write and direct.
  • Various characters from the previous two films may have roles or make cameo appearances.
  • It's said that we will be given more background on the "Creeper."
  • It was originally said that the film would serve as a prequel and sequel, starting off in the "Old West" and then switching to twenty years after the events of the previous film.
  • This film has been in talks since before the sequel was released back in '03.
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