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Jeepers Creepers 3: Cathedral

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Set 23 years after the previous film, we follow Trish Jenner (Gina Phillips), who is now a mother. Realizing that the return of the Creeper is just around the corner, she begins to have terrible recurring nightmares of her own teenage son confronting the creature and suffering the same fate as her deceased brother. Now a rich and powerful woman, she's determined to finally put an end to the Creeper once and for all.

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In Development
American Zoetrope
Victor Salva
Victor Salva
Jonathan Breck
Ray Wise
Gina Phillips
Justin Long

  • According to a Q&A with Justin Long the film is having trouble finding proper financing, which is apparently the only thing stopping it from moving forward. Next to that, Long confirms that the current script is called Cathedral and focuses on Gina Phillips character "Trish". He also adds that his character Darry would return in a flashback. (9/18/14)
  • Victor Salva once again spoke about the upcoming film, where he revealed that its been ready to shoot for over seven years now, saying: "It has come close several times to going before cameras, and I hope someone sees the wisdom in shooting this, the third and final Creeper tale, I still can't tell you what the fate of this third film will be. According to IMBD we are already filming - I guess they started without any of us!"
  • Salva was reportedly approached about turning this into a possible 3D movie, which he wasn't happy about: "3D would absolutely devastate the script - since the added 2 to 3 million in production costs would strip the screenplay down to a point where it would be smaller in scale than the original Jeepers Creepers. And then even that money dried up. I would say the film has been on and off the front burner at least nine times during the last few years."
  • According to writer/director Victor Salva this film ends in a cliffhanger that would lead into a potential 13-episode television series. Salva was quoted saying: "The third Jeepers film, and I can't tell you how it ends but it is a real show-stopper, I designed to kick off a thirteen episode season of a TV series, that explores The Creeper, his truck, and the massive 'Cathedral' like Creeper-lair they find in the third film."
  • Victor Salva gave a recent update on the project in an interview, saying: "Though I have been beating this drum for so long that people have started not to believe me, I am told they are very close to closing a financing deal for the third film in the trilogy. So I want to say yes, but let’s not jinx it by saying any more. My script for the film, which was written some time ago, sets up a TV series that features Poho County and The Creeper. The script has been ready to shoot for a while now." (2/09/11)
  • Originally thought to be titled Jeepers Creepers 3: The Creeper Walks Among Us.
  • MGM originally inteded this to go straight to DVD, but writer/director Victor Salva hopes it'll go theatrical like the previous two.
  • The film's old subtitle "Cathedral" plays an important role in the story.
  • Writer/director Victor Salva promises new surprises in the story and claims that this will be the biggest of the three films.
  • We will see the return of the infamous truck the Creeper drove in the first movie.
  • Gina Phillips returns as the character "Trish" from the first film.
  • Actor Ray Wise reprises his role as "Jack Taggart Sr." from the previous film.
  • Jonathan Breck returns as the "Creeper."
  • Victor Salva will once again write and direct.
  • Various characters from the previous two films may have roles or make cameo appearances.
  • It's said that we will be given more background on the "Creeper."
  • The film will serve as a prequel and sequel, starting off in the "Old West" and then switching to twenty years after the events of the previous film.
  • This film has been in talks since before the sequel was released back in '03.


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