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Monsters: Dark Continent

  Tags: aliens, Between the Eyes, Brent Bonacorso, creatures, Ingenious Film Partners, invasion, Jesse Atlas, Joe Dempsie, Johnny Harris, monsters, Monsters 2, Sam Keeley, sci-fi, scifi, SEQUELS, thriller, uk, Vertigo Films

Seven years on from the events of Monsters, and the ‘Infected Zones’ have spread worldwide. Humans have been knocked off the top of the food chain, with disparate communities struggling for survival. American soldiers are being sent abroad to protect US interests from the Monsters, but the war is far from being won.

Noah, a haunted soldier with several tours under his belt, is sent on a mission: an American soldier has gone rogue deep in the Infected Zone, and Noah must reach him and take him out. But when Noah's unit and transport are destroyed, he finds himself with only a young and inexperienced cadet for company - the brother of the man Noah has been sent to kill.

The two soldiers must go on a life-altering journey through the dark heart of monster territory, accompanied by a young local woman to guide them. By the time the three of them reach their goal, they will have been forced to confront the fear that the true monsters on the planet may not be alien after all.

Creatures | Sequels

November 28, 2014 (UK)
2014 (US)
Awaiting Release
Vertigo Films
Ingenious Film Partners
Between the Eyes
Tom Green
Jay Basu
Johnny Harris
Sam Keeley
Joe Dempsie

  • Actor Joe Dempsie had a interview recently, saying: "We’re filming it in Jordan now, then we go to Detroit to finish it. It’s going to look incredible. There’s a great atmosphere on set and hopefully it will turn out to be pretty decent. It’s set a few years after the first movie. Monsters have been eradicated from the US but not from other parts of the world. It’s a metaphor for the US’s relationship with the Middle East in some ways. It’s more of a war movie than a monster one." (4/18/13)
  • Filming in Jordan for five weeks, which will then be followed by a week in Detroit. (3/25/13)
  • Brent Bonacorso and Jesse Atlas were originally going to direct before getting replaced by Tom Green (Misfits).
  • One of the producers was quoted saying: "We wouldn’t have done it if we didn’t find the right talent [in the two new directors]. Gareth loves their vision. People want to see more of this world."
  • The film will reportedly contain "lots more creatures" than the original.
  • The budget will be bigger than its predecessor, but remain under $5-million, noting that like the original, the sequel would deliver "massive bang for its buck."
  • Original director Gareth Edwards will be serving as executive producer.
  • Sequel to the surprise low-budget sci-fi hit Monsters from director Gareth Edwards.

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