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The Mummy

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No official plot yet.


June 24, 2016
In Development
Universal Pictures
Sean Daniel Company
K/O Paper Products
Alex Kurtzman
Jon Spaihts (current draft)
Billy Ray

  • Originally had an April 22nd 2016 theatrical release set.
  • Currently the project is “set in the present and is not a horror play but rather an action-adventure tentpole with horror elements. It will also feature new characters and not rehash previous incarnations.” (7/31/14)
  • Apparently director Andy Muschetti (Mama) has left the project due to "creative differences."
  • Jon Spaihts wrote the current draft of the script, which reimagined The Mummy franchise in modern day with new characters not seen in previous iterations and a protagonist imbued with a human personality.
  • Apparently the project has changed direction as Universal is aiming for a more family-friendly action-adventure blockbuster.
  • When Len Wiseman was previously attached to direct The Mummy, he indicated that producers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci were envisioning a "darker, scarier take on the Mummy mythology that would still appeal to all audiences."
  • Len Wiseman (Underworld series, Total Recall remake) was originally going to direct, but had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts.
  • Billy Ray (Flightplan, Breach, The Hunger Games) has been hired to write a completely different script, so the project has two scriptwriters at the moment. The studio believes that one of the scripts will be a good enough to move forward with, if not, possibly combining both will. (2/14/13)
  • Apparently the Mummy in this film will be quite different than what we're used to, which is one of the reasons director Len Wiseman joined the project, saying: "One of the things that interested me with this mummy is, he’s still in essence a man. They haven’t turned his brain into a monster brain. He still has a personality and is very cunning and calculating. He’s a true character in any form, and in creature form, even if he is that staggering creature, it becomes more important that he’s a thinking, calculating person."
  • Co-writer Alex Kurtzman was quoted saying: "We’re reaching into the deep roots of The Mummy, which at its beating heart is a horror movie and then an action movie, and putting it into a context that is real and emotional. It’s still a four-quadrant film but as a lot of recent movies have proven, audiences are hungry for more than they used to be. You can still have a family movie, an action movie that’s more grounded than these used to be. Without saying too much, we’ve drawn a lot of inspiration from Michael Crichton’s books, and how he ground fantastical tales in modern-day science."
  • It's said to be a "darker twist on the material, a scarier version."
  • Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci of K/O Paper Products (Cowboys & Aliens) will help produce and develop the project.
  • Jon Spaihts was quoted saying: "I see it as the sort of opportunity I had with 'Prometheus': to go back to a franchise's roots in dark, scary source material and simultaneously open it up to an epic scale we haven't seen before."
  • Writer Jon Spaihts also scripted The Darkest Hour and Prometheus.
  • The franchise received a reboot in '99 with Stephen Sommers big-budgeted take on The Mummy. Sommers would return for the sequel a couple years later. A third entry was made in 2008 with Rob Cohen at the helm. This entry will not be related to Sommers or Cohen's version.
  • This is intended to be a "reboot" of Universal's The Mummy franchise.


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