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Revolves around a young woman who travels to Europe to attend a world renowned school. After a series of brutal murders, the young American student learns that the academy is a front for something way more sinister than education.

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David Gordon Green
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  • David Gordon Green gave another update recently, saying: "I don’t know if it’ll ever happen. Someone needs to do something very artful with that project. I’m just excited at the thought of making something elegant, and graphic, and classy at a point in the horror genre where everybody’s making films raw, and found-footage. I want something to contrast that, but anybody that’s interested in horror movies has no interest in that right now. At least, not with my involvement. But maybe someone else will do it. I’ve got the whole movie in my head. It’s ready to go, but it just costs too much. My version of it costs too much." (8/13/13)
  • Director David Gordon Green gave a brief update on the project recently, saying: "Suspiria is caught up in legal crap so who knows what will ever happen to that,” he explained. “That kind of falls into the 'Confederacy Of Dunces' category of 'someday I'd like to make these movies' that I was once attached to and worked on, but they may never happen." (1/24/13)
  • Filming was hoped to begin sometime in September 2012.
  • Filming was originally aimed to begin in 2010 then sometime in early 2011.
  • Lead actress Isabelle Fuhrman is no stranger to the genre, after having also starred in 2009's Orphan.
  • David Gordon Green offered more insight on how the success of Black Swan may or may not have helped move this project along, saying: "..there’s an audience for prestige in genre, and to me, that’s exciting. We’re really close to getting that movie made if I can get over a couple more budgetary hurdles I think I can pull it off. My version doesn’t really have any similarities to Black Swan, but it proves to the marketplace that you can take a great risk and you can have something that has great artistic ambition, but also has incredible commercial appeal." (12/8/11)
  • David Gordon Green was interviewed recently, where he revealed how the success of Black Swan caused him to rethink a couple things for this project, saying: "[Black Swan] did inspire me to think, 'Well, I want to go younger now. I want this to be about 14-, 15-year-old girls, rather than women who are Natalie's age.' It made me not want to do what 'Black Swan' kind of did with the psychology and thriller elements of older characters. If anything, I want to focus on the younger, more naïve kinds of characters—the wide-eyed, 'Snow White' version of the movie, rather than a more sophisticated, sexual version of it."
  • Writer/director David Gordon Green was quoted saying: "[Our Suspiria] doesn’t follow the trend of the traditional horror movies of late, so it’s a leap of faith, financially. I’m gonna put my spin on it, but in terms of a pitch, it’s going to remain quite faithful to [the original]. I want an unknown cast. My version isn’t necessarily about ballet, it’s more of an all-girls boarding school."
  • Green also apparently got the rights to the original score by Goblin, and revealed what he intends to do with it for the remake: "We got the rights to the Goblin score, so we're going to use that. Steve Jablonsky, who did the score for Your Highness, is incredible. So I would love to see what he would do with the Goblin music. We could start in a very faithful, synthesizer kind of world of music that Goblin does in the original film, and by the end of it turn that score into a huge opera, which would be incredible."
  • Dario Argento has reportedly given his blessing and released the rights to the original, detailing that no remake will "overshadow" his "masterpiece".
  • Actress Natalie Portman was once interested in playing the lead, but she decided to do Black Swan instead.
  • This will be an English-language film.
  • Produced by Italian-based company First Sun.
  • Luca Guadagnino was also attached to direct at one point.
  • Mimi Leder was first set to direct when Dimension was still involved.
  • Dimension Films was originally interested in this project when it was first announced.
  • The original was the first film in the dubbed "Three Mothers" trilogy, with the last film finally being made in 2007.
  • A remake of the 1977 cult film by Italian director Dario Argento.


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