The Blair Witch Project – Does It Stand The Test Of Time?

Movie buffs and especially those into their scary flicks will have likely come across The Blair Witch Project at some point in their lifetime, and if they haven’t, they’ll almost certainly have heard of it. It’s known as one of the most frightening and disturbing movies of all time, as three film students head off to investigate a local legend, but does the film and the concept stand the test of time? This is particularly relevant at this time of year with everyone enjoying Halloween with Trick or Treat parties and playing Which Witch at mFortune together with a host of scary content being released like The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina (a Netflix Original) and The Witch In The Window.

It is arguable that for any serious horror fan, The Blair Witch Project certainly holds up as it still evokes the same fear and has the scare factor it always has. Heather Donahue, Michael C. Williams and Joshua Leonard head off to Burkittsville as they look to uncover the truth surrounding the Blair Witch. They then head off into a forest in Maryland, where the group get lost, with events taking a drastic turn for the worst from then on.

The way in which the movie was presented also helped to make it what it is today, allowing it to stand the test of time in many respects. At one point there was actually belief amongst some that the Blair Witch was real due to there being no cast or executives listed in relation to the movie. Cameras were also used in a way to increase the fear factor and the authenticity too, with the narrator playing a key role as well.

The impact the Blair Witch Project had was huge on the movie industry and the horror genre itself. It was the beginning of a trend in many respects, with audiences who had watched the film leaving the cinema still feeling terrified and disturbed by what they had seen. This, in many ways, is what has led it to be known as an all time classic and one of the most popular paranormal movies of all time. Although some would also suggest that its powers have since waned and its impact lessened.

Since the Blair Witch Project was released in 1999, there have been several other films that you could say have eclipsed American horror films in many ways. Most recently there has been ‘The Nun’ which is set in 1952. Currently in cinemas, The Nun tells the story of how a young nun takes her own life in a Romanian abbey, with a priest and an apprentice are sent to investigate the current goings on.

There’s also the recently released Halloween movie too, which stars the likes of Jamie Lee Curtis and Judy Greer. It sees Laurie Strode in her final confrontation with Michael Myers, the person who has haunted her for 40 years. The Halloween franchise is one that has stood the test of time, with each instalment well received by viewers.

As a standalone film, The Blair Witch Project has certainly stood the test of time, as it was the concept’s uniqueness which really helped to propel it into the spotlight. It’s a movie that is a must watch, at least once, especially if horror and the supernatural in general are your thing.