Demonic chaos ensues in the EXCLUSIVE trailer for BLACK CREEK

June 14, 2017 - 6:00am | FrighT MasteR

James Crow (Curse of the Witching Tree, House of Salem) writes and directs this latest demonic haunter titled Black Creek from Sparrowhawk Pictures in association with Last British Dragon. The flicks stars YouTube sensation Chris O’Flyng, along with Michael Copon (Scorpion King 2, Night of the Demons) and revolves around a group of teens visiting a cabin in the woods and crosses paths with a demonic entity. Check out the official synopsis and EXCLUSIVE trailer below!

Mike and Heather's father die and they go to his favorite spot to spread his ashes. A cabin in the secluded woods. They are joined by some friends as they go for what is supposed to be somewhat of a holiday. While there, a demon emits chaos by possessing the teens and they commit horrible acts. Welcome to Black Creek. The Hunting Season has begun.

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