[EXCLUSIVE] JEEPERS CREEPERS 3 insider speaks on recent rumors

September 4, 2017 - 2:35pm | FrighT MasteR

A lot of speculation and rumors involving the next JEEPERS CREEPERS film have been floating around for a while now, but recently an anonymous source close to the film reached out to UHM to shed a bit of light on some more recent news that has been going around. Specifically they wanted to address the supposed feud with the producers and the canceled September 13th event that would have seen some of the cast and crew appear for a special Q&A. Here's what they had to say:

Rumors have been flying around about a huge rift between Victor Salva (Director) and the Producers over the future of the film. I can tell you first hand that is definitely NOT true. I am sure they may have had a few disagreements, but that happens with everyone; there is no big falling out. Also, the Producer's decisions have absolutely NOTHING to do with Salva's past. They were made full well aware of it, and Victor himself is known for jumping right to the point and opening up about it upon meeting someone in a business sense. Yes, it is true that Lionsgate was one of the top contenders for the film's release, and while they still may be, the Producer's felt the deal with Screen Media and Fathom was obviously a better choice. They would never turn down a worldwide release, no matter how long it would take to be released, so if Lionsgate is out, there's obviously a reason.

Now, regarding the September 13th event at the TCL Theatre in Los Angeles. The event was NEVER considered the "premiere". It was a quick last minute decision by Salva to give fans a chance to see the film early and allow them a chance to meet the actors from the film. Posters were to be given out at the event, at the expense of Salva himself, free of charge to the fans to get a chance to have them signed personally. The reason this was not called the "premiere" is because the film is still currently working out distribution deals and would receive a proper "premiere" at a later date. The host of the September 13th event has put Victor and the Producer's all on blast since the cancellation of the event when the real ones to blame is the TCL Chinese Theatre. The cancellation was their call in fear of protestors and people should know that if they want to blame or complain or protest for loss of travel expense for the event, take it up with TCL as Victor and the Producers were just as shocked at their decision as the fans were.

Recently, the film's supposed subtitle was outed by media sources as "Ravenous". Yes, it is true that was a working title, but simply nothing more and is not officially decided that it will stay in the film. So, the September 26th is merely considered a preview of the film right now and as of this moment, there are no plans for it to go straight to DVD, BluRay or VOD at this place in time. Obviously, things in this business do change when better offers come up, but as of now, that is where it stands. Thank you for giving me the time to set this straight so fans can know the truth.

You can believe their words or not, but obviously there's two sides to every story and they simply wanted to offer more insight on what's been going on involving some of the more recent news. On another note, if you've somehow missed the TV-spot for the movie you can catch it below. The movie will hit theaters for one night only on September 26th and more pics and information on the film can be found here.

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