UHM v3 is live: still much to do

After a few days of being offline, the site is now back up and as you can probably tell the design isn't much different than before. Due to time restraints there was only so much I could do and the main goal was to simply make it more mobile friendly (which is should be now). But rest assured there's much more to come. In fact, I'll continue to be fixing, tweaking and updating various parts of the site as the weeks progress. Right now the AVAILABLE NOW and REVIEWS section are offline and when you click on any of the UHM DATABASE categories it only lists links. The movie pages are also not displaying videos and some images are not showing up properly. These are all things that will be addressed soon.

Until then I will do my best to still stay on top of important news and updates. Aside from the fixes, here are CHANGES TO EXPECT IN THE UPCOMING WEEKS:

Front page makeover
Movie pages makeover
Improved page scrolling
Better image gallery
New movie voting/ranking system

If you encounter any strange errors that I may not be aware of feel free to comment below or simply contact me.