UHM v3 is live: still much to do

After a few days of being offline, the site is now back up and as you can probably tell the design isn't much different than before. Due to time restraints there was only so much I could do and the main goal was to simply make it more mobile friendly (which is should be now). But rest assured there's much more to come. In fact, I'll continue to be fixing, tweaking and updating various parts of the site as the weeks progress. Right now the AVAILABLE NOW and REVIEWS section are offline and when you click on any of the UHM DATABASE categories it only lists links.

UHM will be temporarily offline

Starting tomorrow (Friday) night UHM will be under maintenance and will likely remain that way through the weekend. I'll be upgrading and implementing the new responsive design for the site and will need the weekend to work out the kinks and make sure everything is working properly before it's back online. Even after the site is back up I'll still be working on it off and on, so things may change a lot as the weeks progress.

Our House (2018)


Our House comes to us from first time feature film director Anthony Scott Burns, who until now worked on short films and segments in anthologies like Darknet and Holidays. The movie focuses on a young college student named "Ethan" and his small team of peers, as they work on a machine that would hopefully offer wireless electricity. Unfortunately, as things with the machine start to pick up, Ethan's parents suddenly die, leaving him to quit school and take care of his two younger siblings. 

Fantasia Film Festival: Top Five Films We're Looking Forward To This Year

The Fantasia International Film Festival is North America's largest and longest-running genre film fest and it'll be celebrating its 22nd year in Montreal this summer.
Inheritance (2017)


Watch this trailer! It’s really darn good. Then, go find something else to do like laundry, dishes, mow the lawn or have a root canal. All activities listed above would be infinitely more satisfying than watching an hour and thirty minutes of Inheritance.

UHM is now officially 19 years old!

Today, June 24th 2018, marks the 19th year that UHM has officially been online! And while I say this each time, it still amazes me each year, especially realizing how the site has been around this long and watching how so much has changed through the years, especially in terms of the internet itself and how we all consume news and media now.


WHO'S WATCHING OLIVER star Russell Banks was kind enough to send over an exclusive clip from the film, which is out on VOD starting July 3rd. The indie film has received quite a bit of praise lately and judging from the clip below we're in for quite a bloody treat.
BloodMania (2017)


Famous for his 1970 bloodbath, The Wizard of Gore, the last of the Herschell Gordon Lewis horror comedies has unfortunately come to an end with BloodMania.

Anonymous 616 (2018)


Rarely do we get a psychological flick that is quite this extreme and lacking an ounce of empathy. Anonymous 616 is unforgiving.