4/20 Massacre (2018)


For anyone that may not know, the term “420” derives from police slang indicating that marijuana use may be in play. Thus, a huge cannabis smoking community has developed into generating April 20 as Weed Day. *Laughs* What will they think of next?

Answer: 4/20 Massacre!

Director (and writer) Dylan Reynolds presents the first high-horror film, featuring a nice collection of female talent including Jamie Bernadette, Stacey Danger and Justine Wachsberger. On 4/20, five girls decide to go camping to celebrate Jess’ birthday (Bernadette) while it happens to be Weed Day…much to Rachel’s delight! The girls venture into the woods, with strict warning from security/office, Rick: Stay clear of the marijuana farms!

Of course, we all know that won’t happen, and the girls cheerfully go about their private party, breaking out the hotdogs, bubbly and pot. As the day drifts on, so do the friends…separating from the pack in two’s where we learn of the connections being made and being tested. All the while, a shadow monster has been lurking and watching. Ready to take out each girl one by one in a very grisly manner. Death by bong? You got it. Sawed off decapitation? Coming right up. And the gruesome murders build until birthday girl Jess is forced to ward off this creepy swamp-like creature in the hills of pot country, alone.

There are clear influences in 4/20 Massacre, not to say that is a negative. The Hills Have Eyes, I Spit On Your Grave (remake), and even a little bit of Lake Eden are seen in tidbits here and there. Although the plot is basic – don’t shit where you eat, or err….smoke? – it’s delicious campy fun. Reynolds proves to cultivate his characters well, based on circumstantial situations. And breakout star Jess, the only non-pot smoker, is true to form when finding her survival skills to defend the group against harmful antagonists. 4/20 Massacre may not change your life, but it’ll certainly generate a smile for the time being. Especially if you light one up before opening credits begin to roll.

It’s not imperative that you get high to watch a stoner horror film (are there many stoner horror films???) But it couldn’t hurt! 4/20 brings the nostalgia of 80’s fright-schlock into the new millennium with bright humor and talent. Not to mention, a new villain. - The creature of pot!