All the Boys Love Mandy Lane (2006)

June 5, 2010 - 11:11pm | FrighT MasteR
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Jonathan Levine
Amber Heard, Anson Mount, Michael Welch, Aaron Himelstein, Edwin Hodge, Whitney Able, Luke Grimes, Melissa Price, Adam Powell

There's really so much you can do within the slasher sub-genre (much like any other genre) before you begin to see the same thing over and over. All the Boys Love Mandy Lane uses the stereotypical teen-slasher formula and adds its own little changes to it, giving us half your average slasher and the other something entirely different. The movie's premise was incredibly simple, but the ending suffers from being highly too complicated for its own good. I for one love twists, but the one delivered in this movie purposely made little sense, so us viewers were forced to come with our own conclusions.

The story follows the virginal Mandy Lane, who's the desire of seemingly every sex deviant at school. Young Mandy agrees to go to a party with a group of friends at a huge ranch in the middle of nowhere. As we all know, when a group of teens get together in a secluded area, death is sure to follow. After everyone has settled into the ranch and had their share of drugs, sex, and booze, they begin to get picked off by a mysterious individual. Although the kills and premise itself aren't exactly original, the movie still manages to offer some interesting ideas not commonly seen in the sub-genre.

For one, we're given a lot of great wide-angle shots for many of the scenes, proving these types of films can offer up some great cinematography if they choose to. Also, the movie seemed like a who-dun-it slasher for the most part, but we're actually shown the killer much earlier than expected. The killer him/herself is also a more realistic villain than the overbearing brut we normally see, especially since the kills weren't too excessive or unrealistically gory. The first half is fairly slow-paced, establishing the necessary character development and overall mood, while the second picks up the pace a bit more. Speaking of character development, that's another addition we don't see much in movies like this.

Then there's the acting, which is also surprisingly decent. The movie seemingly had all the right elements for a great slasher had minor pacing tweaks and changes to the ending been made. In the end, I wanted to like this more, but the pacing was a little too slow and the kills were too spread out, while the ending seemed out of place and complex compared to the rest of the film. However, I have to admit that it still beats the cliché easily-guessed climax that movies in the sub-genre usually offer. Sadly, the US still hasn't had the pleasure of getting this movie released compared to other countries. The UK is already expecting the DVD release this August. What a waste.

An above average teen slasher that deliver some nice scenic wide-angle shots and decent twists, but the ending was too complex compared the otherwise simple storyline. Other than that, it's not a bad flick; just don't expect a whole lot.

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