Alone in the Dark (1982)

July 29, 2009 - 7:17am | FrighT MasteR
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Jack Sholder
Jack Palance, Donald Pleasence, Martin Landau, Dwight Schultz, Erland van Lidth, Deborah Hedwall

I heard a lot of good things about this movie before actually seeing it, so I was glad to finally catch the movie. It's rare that you see this number of famous faces like the ones in this film and I thought that was very cool, although I didn't really like Donald Pleasences character too much. The movie is about these group of mental patients who despise their new psychiatrist.

They plot to kill him and wait for the right time to break free from the institution. Since all the security in the prison is electric and thanks to a power-failure, the patients manage to escape. The whole town experiences the power-failure, so patients blend in with the many people looting the stores. After they get a change of clothes and gather up some weapons they found from a local store, they head to the psych's home.

I really liked how each patient had their own gimick, where one was called the bleeder because after he killed someone he would bleed from his nose, and another was a huge strong fat guy, and another was an ex-preacher, and so on. The story for the film isn't anything original, but thanks to the good directing and excellent casting it made the movie stand out from all the others.

It's not loaded with mindless killings from the mental patients that we usually see in other horror films. Led by Jack Palances character, these guys really just have one goal and that's to kill the new psychiatrist. They want to kill him, because they think that he murdered their previous psych and took his place. Silly mental patients.

Not much for gore in this movie, but it does have some suspense now and then. What I didn't really like about the movie was that it was predictable and somewhat slow in parts and the ending was a little weird. I expected a little more towards the end and those reasons are what made me decide on a 6-rating.

A good 80s slasher, despite it's unoriginal and predictable premise. We're treated to a surprisingly good cast and an interesting story none-the-less. Check this out.

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