American Guinea Pig: Bouquet of Guts and Gore (2014)



Since my Christmas tradition has always been Chinese food and a movie, I chose a slightly different path this season and checked out Bouquet of Guts and Gore from Unearthed Films. Looks like “A Christmas Story” has been officially replaced.

The American Guinea Pig series continues to shock and repulse the horror community and its glorious thing! With one more to go until I am completely up to speed, I remain a loyal fan to this succession.

It is a very simple plot: 2 young women are kidnapped off a street in broad daylight and brought to a torture room where they will be drugged and mutilated slowly…while being filmed. Thus is the basis for a pure snuff movie. As the leader of the cruelty to be inflicted onto both ladies, a shirtless and burly figure donning a sinister skeletal goat head mask, begins to peel off their clothes vulgarly with a pair of sharp sheers.

While other masked madmen traipse around the unconscious girls with their cameras, the beefy tormentor awakens victim 1 to describe what is about to happen to her and why. “Give her the special sauce!” shouts lead director as mister monster injects the girl before hitting her tongue with a few drops of LSD.

Immobilized and tripping, the helpless girl moves her eyes about the room as this ogre picks up a saw from his crude set of instruments strung out on the table. And then we proceed with the most gruesome and bloodiest “LIVE” mutilation and autopsy I’ve ever seen. Of course by “live” I mean…SHE is still alive.

With tale-tell influences from Lucifer Valentine’s Vomit Gore Trilogy, Men Behind the Sun and even real life serial killer, David Parker Ray, the blood, guts and well…gore…are relentless.

Just when you think it’s over, this sicko grabs a large steel strap cutter and goes to work on victim #2’s rib cage. The intensity of de-gutting the women as if they were animals (referred to as so in the beginning) is of the utmost depravity. One could call this full on torture porn, however the sexual arousal is very minimal and not encompassed well into the planning of these sacrifices being made.

Without giving way to the ending, the last 30 seconds has to be the most disturbing portion of this movie. Always the inferred will more likely stir your insides than the actionable items.

Bouquet of Guts and Gore is perfectly named as the premise is unmatched…there is a ton of gore and wildly so, lots and lots of guts! (And I am not referring to making this vomit-inducing film.) It’s just THAT gory.

Don’t think…don’t prepare…don’t try and understand. Just accept the fact that Bouquet of Guts and Gore is a simple project with a whole lot of blood. And guts. And gore. And it’s marvelous!