April Fools Day (2008)

September 29, 2011 - 9:53pm | FrighT MasteR
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The Butcher Brothers
Scout Taylor-Compton, Josh Henderson, Jennifer Siebel, Taylor Cole, Joseph McKelheer, Samuel Child, Joe Egender

I feel like I've been played the fool for actually having wasted the hour-and-a-half of my life watching this garbage. The whole time I felt like I was watching a horrible, cheesy day-time soap. It's no surprise that this went straight to DVD. I actually liked the original movie, so naturally I hated the idea of a remake. I knew right away that with a cast like this and the mediocre directors behind the camera, that this would end up as just another forgettable remake, however, I didn't expect the movie to actually turn out as bad as it did.

Although the general idea behind the two movies remain the same, the storyline has been changed dramatically. Now, instead of following a group of teenage friends on a trip to a rich friend's vacation home, we've got a group of young rich snobs getting together at a couple uber-rich siblings' party on April 1st. The host of the party is the much-hated "Desiree," who makes it a point to play numerous pranks on her various guests each year she has this get-together. Only this time the joke is on her and her circle of friends, after one of them falls off a balcony when a prank goes bad. After the incident was publicized in the media, and the friends get off without any jail time, a year passes and the dreaded day returns.

The remaining group of friends receive messages from the young girl who was killed the year before, making it seem as though someone is pulling a cruel prank on them. However, when each member begins to die off, it's more like revenge from beyond the grave. It's rare that I'm actually bored right from the start of watching a movie, but that's how I was while watching this. I didn't care for any of the characters, as they were all pretty annoying to me, so when it came down to their "deaths" the only feeling I had was relief, as the movie was that much closer to finally ending. If you've seen the original movie, then you can pretty much guess how this one ends, and to be honest, even had I not seen the original, I probably would have been able to predict the ending anyway, considering how some things played out.

Why there's even an unrated version of this movie is beyond me, considering there's barely any foul language, no nudity, and almost no gore. In fact, all the "gore" we see is some sprayed blood in a couple scenes. That's about it. The movie offers zero scares, and the only comedy that's apparent is some of the over-the-top acting and ridiculous musical score, which is sad, because the original at least offered some decent comedy.

The film offers no redeeming values, except for maybe some of the female eye-candy from the lead actresses. There aren't any scares, nudity, or even gore, and I felt as though I was watching some cheesy day-time soap opera the entire time. Do yourself a favor and skip this horrible remake.

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