Ava's Possessions (2015)

March 4, 2016 - 3:50pm | FrighT MasteR

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Jordan Galland
Louisa Krause, Wass Stevens, Whitney Able, John Ventimiglia, Jemima Kirke, Dan Fogler

Ava's Possessions is the latest film to tackle the demonic possession sub-genre, but in its own unique way. While most movies focus on before and during a character's possession, this flick actually takes place after the fact and how it effects the person's life and the people around them. It's a pretty interesting concept that--for the most part--makes for a decent watch, but a simple script, pacing issues and a somewhat rushed third act deter it from being as good as it could've been.

The story begins after a priest has successfully exorcised a demon from a young woman named Ava. Now that she's in the process of recovering she also finds herself in a lawsuit against the state due to her causing quite a mess while she was possessed. Of course she has no memory of this, so her only option (aside from going to court) is to take government sanctioned (and backed by the church) "Spirit Possessions Anonymous" meetings. She attends these meetings, but also finds herself caught up in a mystery of what happened during her possession.

The trailer for this is a bit misleading, as it's presented as kind of a quirky little indie horror comedy, but it's actually more of a mystery with some minor supernatural/demonic elements. The whole movie is basically Ava trying to piece her life back together and also get to the bottom of what went on during her possession. It's an interesting approach (kind of like The Hangover meets The Exorcist) and I admire the filmmakers trying something different, but I found the script and story behind the mystery a little too simplistic and ultimately predictable, which also segways into my complaint about the third act feeling a little rushed.

Aside from that the movie isn't bad, but keep in mind that since the pic is mostly about a girl getting her life together while trying to be her own detective, the pacing is pretty slow and unless you're fully invested in the character and her story you may find yourself a bit bored.

Ava's Possessions is an interesting and unique take on the demonic possession sub-genre, but on top of having a somewhat rushed third act, the story and mystery aspect was is a little too simplistic and predictable for its own good. Regardless, it's an above average indie effort that may please those looking for something a bit different.

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