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Bio-Zombie (1998)

  Tags: 90's, Asian Horror, bio-zombie, cheesy, comedic, Emotion Cheung, Frankie Chan, Guy Lai, hong kong, Jordan Chan, low budget, Matt Chow, Wilson Yip, Zombie Movies

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Wilson Yip
Frankie Chan, Jordan Chan, Emotion Cheung, Matt Chow, Guy Lai

Many people have said that this film was funny and I have to agree that it was pretty funny. Some scenes were hilarious, while others will give you a slight chuckle. Also the dubbing made it all the more comedic. What I didn't like about the movie was the b-movie effects and the silly plot, but I have to keep reminding myself that a film like this shouldn't be taken too seriously. I couldn't really follow the beginning for the film well, because it didn't quite make much sense. All I know is that some guys ordered a new bio-chemical weapon in the form of a soft drink that turns people into zombies and all hell break’s loose.

A lot of the movie was just silly, but some scenes weren't bad. I remember one scene where we get to see a zombie fight a group of other zombies because he likes this girl and he was trying to protect her from getting eatin’. I didn't like that whole idea much, but the fact that zombies were fighting each other was pretty cool and you really don't see zombies do that in any other films. I always wanted to see something like that.

The directing was pretty good, but the acting could have been better. Like I said before though, can't take the film too seriously. I was hoping for a lot more zombies, so I was a bit let down when I didn't see that many. Some people compared this to Dawn of the Dead because of the whole being-trapped-in-a-mall-with-zombies thing, but really that's the only thing that's similar between the two. I guess I was hoping for a comedic Dawn of the Dead and was a bit let down. The reason for giving the film a 6-rating was because of the let down and I didn't much like the look of the zombies. You can't expect much from a film with a low-budget, which I'm sure this one had.

Basically this film had some cool moments here and there and delivered a lot of good comedy. If you're looking for a good zombie film though, I don't really recommend this. If you want something silly you should check it.

Posted on August 16, 2009 - 6:08pm | FrighT MasteR