Black Christmas (2006)

December 21, 2011 - 5:33pm | FrighT MasteR
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Glen Morgan
Michelle Trachtenberg, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Katie Cassidy, Oliver Hudson, Lacey Chabert, Crystal Lowe, Andrea Martin, Jessica Harmon, Kristen Cloke

The original film came out in 1974 from the late Bob Clark and over time built a fan base that now consider it to be one of the pioneers of the slasher genre. Even influencing the great Halloween, which originally started as an idea for a Black Christmas sequel that turned into an original script by John Carpenter. Black Christmas is one in a long line of classic films that are "re-envisioned" for today's audience. Naturally flooding the film with pretty faces and lots of on-screen blood and guts, the producers hope to strike it big at the box office from fans of the original and those who just want to see something "scary".

It's sad when some of the younger viewers today are unaware when a movie is a remake, and especially when producers ruin a perfectly classic film such as the original Black Christmas and turn it into a mindless slash-and-hack thriller. When the project was first announced they claimed that they would show more back-story of this "Billy" character who was the killer in the first movie that was never caught, and whose identity was never revealed.

In this movie Billy's history is shown via flashbacks, which offer an interesting watch, but is nothing more than a semi-reason for him to do what he has to do in the sorority house. Unlike the original, we have more deaths since there are more girls in the house, and lots more on-screen gore. Gore usually means for a good watch, but not when most of the kills have to do with eyeballs. The first eye-ball kill was decent, but was it necessary to do it over and over? It's like they were runnin' out of ideas to kill these ladies off.

Then there's the phone call -- the original was vulgar, creepy, and offered a clue into Billy's mind. In this movie it's nothing more than a simple call that's only purpose is just to show that it's there and that it's still a remake. The movie doesn't take long before it becomes your run-of-the-mill pointless slasher. Offering nothing new to the table aside from a little extra details on Billy's past, the movie becomes yet another pointless remake.

Yet another pointless remake that's nothing more than a bunch of pretty girls getting killed. Instead of wasting time and money on this watch the original instead.

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