Blood on the Highway (2008)

October 8, 2009 - 12:05am | Slayer
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Barak Epstein and Blair Rowan
Deva George, Nate Rubin, Robin Gierhart, Tony Medlin, Laura Stone, Chris Gardner, Nicholas Brendon, Tom Towles.

Are you a vampire fan who's tired of romantic vampire movies? Do Twilight fans make you want to blow your brains out? Well then the answer to your blood sucking addiction is here! Try watching some Blood on the Highway! With patented horror/comedy technology, Blood on the Highway is guaranteed to entertain and keep you coming back for more gore soaked delight. Don't believe us? Just listen to this reviewers positive testimonial!

Blood on the Highway is a new vampire movie that couldn't have came at a more appropriate time. In an era where the vampire genre is littered with PG-13 love stories, Blood on the Highway really sticks out. It's fast paced, foul mouthed, gory and fucking funny; if Troma was to make a vampire flick it would be exactly like Blood on the Highway.

The story revolves around three friends on a road trip who accidently stumble into the town of Fate, Texas; which is a small town that has been overrun by mindless vampires. The group meets up with a few survivors and are forced to fight the blood sucking horde in order to quite literally, protect their necks.

For an independent movie the first thing that is noticeable is the production value. It's clearly shot on High Definition Video but it looks very much like film, which is a major plus. In almost every aspect it looks like the money was very well spent. Another thing that a lot of indie flicks get wrong but Blood on the Highway does right is having actors in it that can actually act. The comedic timing the actors have is almost near perfect and they were given a lot to work with since the characters are very well written. They are that perfect blend of likeable douchebags. I even loved the social commentary on how a certain SuperCenter (Lets just call it Mal Wart) are sucking small towns dry.

As for the blood, gore and kills there are a plenty. There are kills with a fan, a vacuum cleaner, swords, guns and other numerous appliances that leave a very messy aftermath. A lot of the kills are very Troma-esque, meaning they are completely over-the-top and implausible but highly entertaining. Like I said earlier, this movie feels very much like a Troma film; not the crappy ones that they distribute but their actually Lloyd Kaufman directed productions.

The only problems I have with Blood on the Highway is first that it's more of a comedy movie than it is horror. There are no scares, tension or atmosphere; well the atmosphere is more frat party than it is horror movie. Another problem is that the 3rd act comes and goes way too fast and that the ending feels too rushed.  Other than that though, the movie was very entertaining and has great rewatch value.

Blood on the Highway is a very entertaining indie flick. While it greatly lacks in the horror department it makes up for it in comedy and splatter. Fans of Lloyd Kaufman's work will be fans of this movie. So when Blood on the Highway makes its way to DVD be sure to grab it because it's one your going to want to sink your teeth into.

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