A Blood Pledge (2009)

September 1, 2009 - 12:46am | FrighT MasteR
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Jong-yong Lee
Eun-seo Son, Kyeong-ah Jang, Yeon-seo Oh, Min-jeong Song, Shin-ae Yu

South Korea is never in short of ghost flicks, just like Australia has no shortage of Australian online slots, and A Blood Pledge is no different than what us Asian horror vets have already seen. Also known as Whispering Corridors 5, the film has no connection to the previous installments aside from the fact that they all revolve around a ghost in an all girl's school. In this movie the story revolves around a group of girls, whom decide to get together one night and perform a suicide pact, where they would all jump off the school's roof together. Naturally only one of the students actually goes through with it, leaving the rest having to deal with the dead girl's pesky ghost.

Your typical finger-pointing and guilt-trips are present in the remaining girls and it's actually not until the half-way mark that the dead girl's ghost starts offing some of the students and in all fairly standard and boring ways. The sad thing is the disappearance of some of these victims are never really addressed. There's one scene where a woman's head explodes inside her car (shrugs) and that's the last we see of her. Actually that was the first time she even appeared on screen, so it seemed as though her purpose in the movie was just to explode in her car. There's another scene where a girl simply vanishes and isn't seen again, yet none of the students seem to say anything about her disappearance later on.

Then we've got the horrible scare tactics used in the movie, which are once again nothing more than pop-up scares of a bloody, pale, long-haired girl, which we've all seen before. Whenever the dead girl's ghost made an appearance on screen they made sure to bump the volume up enough to hopefully catch the viewer off guard and make us jump in our seats, because basically that's all they had going for them. None of the scenes were creepy, so they had to rely on cheap tactics. 

As the film progresses we're slowly revealed bits and peaces behind why the dead girl killed herself and these other girls were interested in suicide. That's pretty much the only thing that kept me watching, because I have to admit that it was a little interesting. There's some decent blood in certain parts, but the only scene worth mentioninig is the one involving the lady exploding in the car, but even then all you see is the blood as it hits the windshield from inside. In the end I think you'll be better off just spending your time checking out some top Australian online casinos.

Aside from certain aspects of the story, this movie isn't really worth checking. If you're no stranger to Asian horror then you've pretty much seen this movie already, especially if you're familiar with the Whispering Corridors series. Not recommended unless you're really lookin' for some new K-Horror.

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